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AFK Journey Quick Progression Guide: How to Level Up Fast

Catch up to other players in AFK Journey with this quick progression guide!

Jumping into a game for the first time can be equally exciting and intimidating. Depending on the game, you could end up feeling like you’re behind if you don’t start playing right after release. To help out, here’s an AFK Journey quick progression guide detailing how to level up fast.

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How to Level Up Fast in AFK Journey

When it comes to leveling up quickly, the key revolves around staying on top of a few important features in AFK Journey. True to the game’s name, the AFK Battle feature is where you’re going to reap the most benefit to help with progression. Aside from that, the next most important task is keeping up on levels and gear for your team.

AFK Battle

The AFK Battle feature is what decides how many resources you earn per hour. This makes it a worthwhile feature to level up. As you reach higher levels, you get rewards and the resources you earn per hour increase. Depending on how long you step away from AFK Journey, you can return to a huge power boost, letting you level up your team and reach even higher levels of AFK Battle.


Naturally, you need to keep your team as leveled as possible so that you can reach higher stages in AFK Battle. Your Hand of Resonance heroes need to be within 10 levels of each other. This means that you might have to go through them and level up multiple times if you have a lot of materials. The increases in power that come from leveling really make it easier for you to win battles in AFK Battle, quests, and other battle modes, like Arena.


Like your heroes, your equipment also needs to be leveled and improved. Gear doesn’t seem to give as large of a power boost as levels do, but it’s still a feature that you don’t want to ignore. Each character type uses a different set of equipment, but AFK Battle should give you more than enough resources to upgrade your equipment. It might not be the best equipment, but it should be enough to help you progress.

Team Composition

Of course, not all heroes are created the same. Right now, the meta is to run three support characters in your Hand of Resonance team and then have a tank and DPS. I try to position my team so the tank takes most of the attention from the enemies, letting the rest of my heroes fight and deal damage without taking too much damage themselves. 

Since position and composition both matter, make sure you recruit heroes when you can, allowing you to swap out for stronger heroes if you’re lucky enough to pull them. If you watch a battle and see a character taking too much damage, it’s worth moving their position for more survivability.

That covers my AFK Journey quick progression guide and how to level quickly. In the end, the best way to level is really getting to a high stage in AFK Battle, then waiting to reap all the rewards and experience from it. If you want to try another mobile game while accumulating your rewards, why not take a look at Genshin Impact? Or, tune into our AFK Journey guide hub.

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