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Against the Storm: How to Fix Missing Resources For Construction Issue

Let your village prosper by fixing construction issues in Against the Storm!

City builders can be tricky to get started in. You’ll need to manage all sorts of things, and since resources are important to building, you won’t want to lose any! Here’s how to fix the missing resources for construction issue in Against the Storm.

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How to Fix Missing Building Materials for Construction Issue in Against the Storm

In Against the Storm, there are multiple reasons that you can end up with a planned building telling you that you’re missing resources for its construction. It’s always a pain, but the solutions are actually fairly straightforward and easy to overcome. If you’re like me in the early going, you may not know where to look. Here’s what I’ve found often works.

Check for Idle Workers

First, check that you have idle workers available for construction. If you do, you’ll spot them standing by the hearth. If there aren’t any idle workers, you can end up with a planned building saying that there are missing resources since labor is technically a resource, too.

Check Warehouse Stock

Against the Storm Warehouse
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If you have idle workers, then the second likely cause is a lack of resources for the building in the warehouse. Click on your warehouse and look at what you have available. Check to see if you’ve put a minimum limit on anything.

In the image above, I have a minimum limit put on Wood. This means that construction will only start if I have more than the minimum limit available. As such, having minimum limits can show that you don’t have the required resources even if you do, because they’re essentially unavailable for use.

Check That The Building is Active

Deactivate Building in Against the Storm
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Finally, you may have accidentally deactivated the construction. It’s ok — I’ve done this, too! You can see the construction status by clicking on the unbuilt structure and checking its information on the side to see if it’s active or deactivated. If you reach this step and none of these are the cause, then you may have unfortunately ended up with a bugged building. In that case, I recommend destroying the building and trying to build it again.

And that covers how to fix the missing resources for construction issue in Against the Storm. It’s important to be able to build since your orders usually include some type of construction. And if you don’t fulfill those orders, you’ll face the Queen’s wrath.

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