Age of Empires 4 Complete Masteries & Rewards Guide

Age of Empires 4 masteries are in-game rewards that reward you with cosmetics. Here's how they work and a complete list for each civilization.

Age of Empires 4 masteries are in-game rewards that reward you with cosmetics. Here's how they work and a complete list for each civilization.

Age of Empires 4 Masteries are essentially in-game achievements for completing certain challenges for each of the eight civilizations. The rewards you receive for completing Masteries include 1,000 XP, portraits, sigils, monuments, other profile cosmetics, and short historical facts. There are no new units, civilizations, or extra campaigns to unlock.

You can see all of the Masteries in Age of Empires 4 by clicking the crown and laurel icon to the right of the notifications icon at the bottom of the main screen. It’s to the right of the chat message box. When the Masteries menu appears, you’ll see tabs for each civilization and AoE 4‘s training modules.

Age of Empires 4 Complete Masteries & Rewards Guide

Each nation has 15 Masteries each, and there are five separate ones for completing Art of War challenges or Norman campaign missions. When you click on a tab, you’ll see all of the challenges related to it, including the requirements and rewards for each challenge when you click on them.

It’s important to note that you can only complete challenges in the order they are presented. For example, you can only complete the Assize of Arms challenge for the English after you have finished the Nice Try, Spy challenge.

Further, you can only complete one challenge per match. You can, however, complete these in multiplayer or Skirmish mode, and for some challenges, it does not matter if you play against any opponent, so you can play a custom Skirmish match alone if you prefer. You will see the Masteries you’ve completed at the end of each match.

Below is a list of all Masteries for every civilization and the training/campaign tab, as well as the rewards you’ll receive for completing them, as laid out by Age of Empires 4. Click the links below to jump to each civilization.

Training Masteries

All of these Masteries require you either complete an Art of War challenge or a Norman Campaign mission.

  1. Learn By Action
    • Sun sigil
  2. Tools of Learning
    • Pole Weapons sigil
  3. New Ways of Thinking
    • Hammer & Pick sigil
  4. Training and Transformation
    • Mangonel sigil
  5. Time of War
    • Money Bag sigil and Training Dummy monument

English Masteries

  1. Nice Try, Spy — Kill an enemy Scout in the Dark Age.
    • English Farmer portrait
    • Scorched Earth historical fact
  2. Assize of Arms — Produce 30 Longbowmen from the Council Hall in the Feudal Age.
    • Royal Lion sigil
    • Build and Control fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • Historical fact
    • Stone Tool portrait
  4. Rally the People — Build the King’s Palace and produce 10 Villagers from it in the Castle Age.
    • Deer portrait
    • The Cost of Stone fact
  5. Swift Harvest — Reach the Castle Age with 16 farms influenced by Mills.
    • Double Stripe Banner
    • The Assize of Arms fact
  6. Gather Round — Heal 10 Longbowmen with the Setup Camp ability.
    • Boom and Bust fact
    • Fish portrait
  7. Test of Strength II — Win against the Intermediate A.I.
    • Lumberjack monument
    • A Traitor’s Fate fact
  8. Keep Them Busy — Produce 20 units from Keeps.
    • The Marketplace fact
    • Fire Arrow portrait
  9. Raise the Alarm — Defeat 50 enemy units while affected by the Network of Castles.
    • Stag’s Head sigil
    • A Death of Indulgence fact
  10. Hail of Arrows — Defeat 20 enemies with Lognbowmen affected by the Arrow Volley upgrade.
    • Eleanor of Aquitaine portrait
    • Projectile Horrors fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Win against the Hard A.I.
    • Magna Carta fact
    • Bowman monument
  12. Reap What You Sow — Accrue 5,000 gold from Enclosures.
    • Nicola De La Haie portrait
    • The Longbows of Agincourt fact
  13. For the Wyn — Produce 5 Wynguard armies from the Wynguard Palace.
    • The 70-Year-Old Knight fact
    • Jester portrait
  14. From the Skies — Destroy 20 enemy units with Trebuchets affected by the Shattering Projectiles technology.
    • William the Conqueror portrait
    • Coin Clipping fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Win against the Hardest A.I.
    • Eleanor of Castile monument
    • Trial by Ordeal fact

French Masteries

  1. Waste Not — Construct 4 resource drop-off buildings in the Dark Age.
    • French Coin portrait
    • Cost of the Chevauchees fact
  2. Wheels of Burden — Research horticulture, double broadax, and specialized pick before reaching the Castle Age.
    • Sheaf of Wheat sigil
    • The Jacquerie Revolt fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • The Black Death fact
    • Wolf portrait
  4. Horsing Around — Construct the School of Cavalry Landmark and then produce 20 cavalry units.
    • French Rider portrait
    • Protection Money fact
  5. Clever Commerce — Accrue 2,000 food, wood, or stone from Traders in the Feudal Age.
    • Fleur-De-Lis banner
    • Black Monday fact
  6. In Shining Armor — Produce 40 Royal Knights from a Stable under the influence of a nearby Keep.
    • French Crossbow portrait
    • A War of Treaties fact
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • A Dash for Glory fact
    • Shepherd monument
  8. Swift Bolts — Research crossbow stirrups and defeat 20 enemy units with Arbaletriers.
    • French Armored Cavalry portrait
    • A Battle of Bows fact
  9. Paint it Red — Construct the Red Palace Landmark and use it to kill 30 enemies.
    • Fleur-De-Lis sigil
    • The Champaign Fairs fact
  10. Master Craftsmen — Accrue 2,000 food, wood, gold, or stone from the Guild Hall Landmark in the Castle Age.
    • French Lancer portrait
    • Staying in the Saddle fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • French Blacksmith portrait
    • King of Glass fact
  12. Fellowship — Win the match with a surviving army of 25 cavalry.
    • Blanche De Castile portrait
    • The Pavise fact
  13. Military Wharf — Kill 10 enemy units with Galleasses affected by the armored hull technology.
    • French Courtier portrait
    • The Position of Honor fact
  14. With a Flourish — Achieve a wonder victory while 20 Traders are active.
    • Jeanne D’ Arc portrait
    • The Bureau Brothers fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • Pointed Dag banner
    • The Retrial of Jeanne D’ Arc fact

Holy Roman Empire Masteries

  1. Bestirred — Gather 500 resources with Villagers affected by Holy Inspiration in the Dark Age.
    • Scythe portrait
    • Renovatio Imperii Romanorum fact
  2. Safety in Numbers — Construct 20 buildings within the range of influence of a Town Center.
    • Straight Swords sigil
    • A Multitude of States fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom of Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • The Empress Matilda fact
    • Holy Roman Empire Shield portrait
  4. Resupply — Defeat 15 enemy units with Men-at-Arms affected by the two-handed weapons technology.
    • Holy Roman Empire Citizen portrait
    • A Fearsome Hedgehog fact
  5. Fleet of Foot — Research Marching Drills and produce a force of 30 infantry in the Castle Age.
    • Single Stripe banner
    • The Edict of Salerno fact
  6. Ray of Hope — Research Herbal Medicine and produce 5 Prelates from the Monastery in the Castle Age.
    • Mace portrait
    • The Shifting Empire fact
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • Emperor of Falconry fact
    • Landsknecht monument
  8. Safeguard — Construct the Regnitz Cathedral, place a relic in it, and accrue 3,000 gold from the relic.
    • Holy Roman Empire Champion portrait
    • A Fair Wage fact
  9. By a Landslide — Defeat 50 enemies with Landsknechte.
    • Sailing Ship sigil
    • Cologne Cathedral fact
  10. Holy Tithes — Accrue 1,000 gold from relics placed within Monasteries, Keeps, Docks, Stone Wall Towers, or Outposts.
    • Beguine Sister portrait
    • Relics of the Holy Roman Empire fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • Holy Roman Empire Prelate portrait
    • A Court of Science and Art fact
  12. Thou Shalt Not Pass — Construct the Elzbach Palace and then construct 3 keeps within influence.
    • Relic portrait
    • The Walk to Canossa fact
  13. Preach to the Choir — Convert 10 enemies with a Prelate.
    • Landsknecht portrait
    • The Crusades fact
  14. Wonderous — Research reinforced defense and then achieve a wonder victory.
    • Charles V portrait
    • A Fighting Style fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • End of the Empire fact
    • Diamond banner

Chinese Masteries

  1. Building Blocks — Accrues 1,500 resources and have a population of 15 before the Feudal Age.
    • Chinese Scout portrait
    • A Unique Architecture fact
  2. State Revenues — Collect 250 gold in tax with an Imperial Officer before the Castle Age.
    • Sickle sigil
    • Paper Money fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • Mu Guiying fact
    • Zhuge Nu Repeater Crossbow portrait
  4. A Storm of Bolts — Produce 20 Zhuge Nu and use them to defeat 30 enemies.
    • Chinese Siege portrait
    • Repeating Crossbow fact
  5. Expansion Villages — Construct 2 Villages and achieve a population of 100 before the Castle Age.
    • Chevron banner
    • Town Planning fact
  6. Imperial Supervision — Supervise the production of 340 military units with an Official.
    • Chinese Worker portrait
    • Scholar-Officials fact
  7. Test of Strength II —Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • The Thirty-Six Stratagems fact
    • Provider monument
  8. Shared Wealth — Generate 500 gold in tax at buildings affected by the Imperial Academy’s increased tax revenue.
    • Chinese Grenadier portrait
    • A Prized Crop fact
  9. Path of the Spirit — Construct 6 buildings affected by the Spirit Way Landmark’s reduced dynasty unit costs.
    • Recurve Bow sigil
    • A Legendary Blade fact
  10. Iron Cannons — Defeat 40 enemies with siege engines from the Astronomical Clocktower before you lose 20 of your Clocktower siege engines.
    • Chinese Firelancer portrait
    • Astronomical Clock fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • Chinese Gunpowder portrait
    • Live Fire fact
  12. A Thunderous Onslaught — Defeat 50 enemies with infantry or cavalry equipped with gunpowder weapons.
    • Empress Liu portrait
    • The First Firearm fact
  13. Seven Stories — Generate 1,500 of each resource from your Pagodas.
    • Nest of Bees portrait
    • Pagoda Lore fact
  14. The Red Scarf — Achieve a Landmarks victory while in the Ming Dynasty.
    • Emperor Hongwu portrait
    • Defense by Flame fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • The Child Emperor fact
    • Hand Cannon sigil

Delhi Sultanate Masteries

  1. Bounty of Berries — Increase the yield of 6 or more berry bushes before reaching the Feudal Age.
    • Delhi Sultanate Coin portrait
    • Slave King fact
  2. Military Construction — Construct 10 palisade walls during the Dark Age without using Villagers.
    • Squared Dag banner
    • Natural Defenses fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • Razia Sultana fact
    • Delhi Sultanate Villager portrait
  4. An Economical Education — Spend no more than 500 gold to produce 5 Scholars.
    • Delhi Sultanate Sword portrait
    • Knowledge is Power fact
  5. A Valiant Victory — Defeat 40 enemies with melee units affected by the Tower of Victory attack increase.
    • Fight Fire With Fire fact
    • Crescent Moon sigil
  6. The Science of Religion — Research 20 technologies in buildings influenced y Mosques or Madrasas.
    • Delhi Sultanate Man-at-Arms portrait
    • Domes of Power fact
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • A Thunderous Force fact
    • Anvil monument
  8. Military Management — Produce 20 military units from buildings you have garrisoned Scholars in.
    • Delhi Sultanate Healer portrait
    • The Refugee Scholars fact
  9. Stone Construction —  Use your military units to construct 1,000 stone’s worth of structures.
    • Curved Swords sigil
    • Thwarting the Escalade Attack fact
  10. Protecting the Sword — Use Mosques to heal 1,000 total health on your units.
    • Delhi Sultanate Cavalier
    • The Sharpest Blades fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • Delhi Sultanate Scholar portrait
    • Fallen Giants fact
  12. Military Economies — Produce 20 units from your Keeps.
    • War Elephant portrait
    • The Prolific Poet fact
  13. Towering Threats — Construct the Palace of the Sultan, produce 10 elephants, and destroy 10 enemy buildings.
    • Razia Sultana portrait
    • A Revered Beast fact
  14. Spreading the Word — Research scholar movement speed and then achieve a scared victory.
    • Mubarak portrait
    • A Fertile Jewel fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • Left Quadrant banner
    • The Guns of Babur fact

Mongol Masteries

  1. Kettle and Smoke — Use the Improved Production ability to produce 6 Villagers before the Feudal Age.
    • Sheel portrait
    • Leaving Home fact
  2. Superior Mobility — Defeat 5 enemies with cavalry before the Feudal Age.
    • Gazing Sheep sigil
    • The White Camel fact
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • Spill No Blood fact
    • Mongol Empress portrait
  4. Vacant Steppes — Produce 30 sheep from Pastures that are influenced by an Ovoo.
    • Mongol Traveler portrait
    • The Joroo Gait fact
  5. Fire and Stone — Accrue 500 stone by igniting enemy buildings.
    • Diamond sigil frame
    • Arrow Storm fact
  6. Burnt Offerings — Produce 40 cavalry units using improved production buildings influenced by an Ovoo.
    • Mongol Cap portrait
    • God Mountain fact
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the INtermediate A.I.
    • Feigned Retreat fact
    • Deer Stone monument
  8. The SIlk Road — Construct the SIlver Tree Landmark and 5 Outposts. Gain the Yam speed aura 40 times with your Traders.
    • Mongol Footman portrait
    • Pax Mongolica fact
  9. A Great Assembly — Construct the Kurultai and heal 500 health on your units via the Kurultai.
    • Rearing Horse sigil
    • Sheep Dung fact
  10. Wolves and Rain — Research the Yam Network, then defeat 30 enemies with your military units affected by the Yam speed aura.
    • Signal Arrow portrait
    • Ismail’s Trebuchet fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • Mongol Horse Archer portrait
    • The Wrestling Vest fact
  12. Whistling Arrows — Defeat 50 enemies with units affected by the Khan’s signal arrows. Do not lose you Khan during the match.
    • Khutulun portrait
    • Firing from the Saddle fact
  13. Heavy Load — Accrus 2,000 stone using your Traders
    • White Stupa portrait
    • Hunting with Whistling Arrows fact
  14. Horn and Sinew — Research the improved siha bow limbs technology, then defeat 40 enemies with Mangudai, and achieve a Landmarks victory.
    • Genghis Khan portrait
    • Magic for War fact
  15. Test of Strength IV —Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • Falcon sigil
    • Tender Flesh fact

Rus Masteries

  1. Hunting Grounds — Accumulate 50 bounty by hunting sheep, deer, or board in the Dark Age.
    • Rus Forester portrait
    • The Forest Provides fact
  2. Foresters — Construct 4 Lumber Camps within the range of influence of a Wooden Fortress.
    • The Wolf Hunt fact
    • Rounded banner
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • Battle on the Ice fact
    • Boar portrait
  4. On the Wild Side — Accrue 250 gold from Hunting Cabins in the Dark Age.
    • Elena Glinskaya portrait
    • The Fur Trade fact
  5. Birch Barricades — Construct 25 fortified palisade walls with Villagers in the Dark Age.
    • The Moscow Kremlin fact
    • Boar’s Head sigil
  6. Frontier Trading —Use the golden Gate Landmark to make 5 trades in the Feudal Age.
    • Rus Scout portrait
    • A Crowded Winter fact
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • Rivals for the Throne fact
    • Forester monument
  8. Day and Knight — Defeat 15 enemies with Early Knights in the Feudal Age.
    • Olga of Kiev portrait
    • The Monk and the Mongol fact
  9. Divinity — Defeat 30 enemies with units affected by Saint’s Blessing.
    • Hand Ax sigil
    • The Trading Square fact
  10. Mount the Attack — Research boyar’s fortitude and mounted precision and then defeat 30 enemies with cavalry.
    • Rus Horse Archer portrait
    • Wandering Town fact
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • Rus Streltsy portrait
    • The Reign of Elena fact
  12. Lay Siege — Research two upgrades from the High Armory and produce 20 siege engines in the Imperial Age.
    • Druzhina Knight portrait
    • Rise and Fall of the Streltsy fact
  13. Black Powder — Research double time from the Archery Range and defeat 30 enemies with Streltsy.
    • Rus Warrior Monk portrait
    • The Boyars fact
  14. Ours is the Glory — Achieve a scared victory with fully upgraded Warrior Monks.
    • Ivan the Terrible portrait
    • The Tsar and the Church fact
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • Right Quadrant banner
    • Fear and Control fact

Abbasid Dynasty Masteries

  1. Commerce and Science — Accrue a total of 1,000 resources before the first wing of your House of Wisdom is complete.
    • The Fertile Crescent fact
    • Windmill portrait
  2. The Path Taken — Research the first technology available from a wing in your House of Wisdom before reaching the Castle Age.
    • The Mighty Camel fact
    • Eastern Windmill sigil
  3. Test of Strength I — Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.
    • An Enduring Dynasty fact
    • Camel portrait
  4. Support the Strong — Defeat 30 enemy units with infantry who are receiving support from Camels.
    • The Round City of Baghdad fact
    • Abbasid Engineer portrait
  5. Love of Knowledge — Research 30 technologies discounted by the Preservation of Knowledge.
    • From Alchemy to Chemistry fact
    • Camel & Rider sigil
  6. Culture of Trade — Accrue 5,000 gold from your Traders after researching Spice Roads.
    • Mill Power fact
    • Abbasid Ship portrait
  7. Test of Strength II — Defeat the Intermediate A.I.
    • Baghdad at Its Height fact
    • Trader monument
  8. Expeditious Production — Produce 100 military units after achieving Tier 3 of the Golden Age.
    • Medieval Metallurgy fact
    • Camel Rider portrait
  9. Smell of Defeat — Defeat 30 enemy cavalry units with your Camel Riders.
    • The Great Mosque of Samarra fact
    • Sun frame
  10. Heart and Mind — Heal 300 health on friendly units using your Medical Centers.
    • Diplomacy by Elephant historical fact
    • Imam portrait
  11. Test of Strength III — Defeat the Hard A.I.
    • The End of an Age fact
    • Ulayya Bint Al-Mahdi portrait
  12. Bounty of the Earth —Increase the yield of 18 berry bushes and accrue 9,000 food.
    • A Mathematical World fact
    • Abbasid Sailor portrait
  13. Resourceful in Warfare — Construct 10 ranged siege units with your melee infantry.
    • Glass and Optics fact
    • Rabia Al-Adawiyya portrait
  14. No Higher Honor — Win a wonder victory after achieving Tier 3 of the Golden Age.
    • Age of Automation fact
    • Abbas Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib portrait
  15. Test of Strength IV — Defeat the Hardest A.I.
    • The Ceremonial Dynasty fact
    • Astrological Instrument sigil

Those are all of the Masteries and their rewards in Age of Empires 4, as detailed in the game. Now you know how to find them, how to complete them, and what you’ll get for doing so!

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