Xur Week 39 Inventory!

Agent of The Nine Sale: Xur’s Inventory This Week

Xur Week 39 Inventory!
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Hello guardians it’s Xur day! He’s located at the tower in front of the wooden door near the speaker and this week Xur has some interesting exotics on sale,let’s go over them shall we:

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For Titans: Xur is selling the Helm of Saint-14. Not a bad helm for Defender class Titans as its main perk is to blind all enemies which enter the Titan bubble. This is very useful in many PvE and PvP battles such as raids and the crucible. This is a buy if you don’t have it already.

For Hunters: The Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets. These gauntlets are very very situational and personally, I don’t care much for them. The main perk is improved trip-mine grenades which outside of the Crucible isn’t such a great perk. They look awesome but that is pretty much it. Pass on this exotic unless you’re a collector.

For Warlocks: The amazing Voidwalker helm, Obsidian Mind. This helm is THE Voidwalker exotic armor piece to have as the main perk helps reduce the cool down for your next NovaBomb. This helm paired with the exotic weapon Bad JuJu creates the ultimate NovaBomb combo! This is a must buy, it is arguably the best Voidwalker exotic armor piece and you need it on your Warlock.

The Weapon: Mida-Multi Tool, not a bad gun.The main perk for this gun is to increase your movement speed and fires on a hair-trigger. This gun is decent and is a good purchase especially for Hunters that run full agility builds for the Crucible of the first part of the Crota raid.

Engram: We have a chest engram this week and that means you have a chance of getting the new exotic Warlock chest piece, Purifier Robes. The main perk on this new chest piece is it blinds surrounding enemies after activating your radiance. This is a very sought after chest piece for Sunsingers and is definitely worth getting a bunch of engrams from Xur in the chance to have it drop.

Good luck this week Guardians, and quick reminder: Trials of Osiris is up starting today until the weekly reset so get your teams of 3 ready and dominate the competition!

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