Akiba’s Trip: How to Trip Up Players With Sleight of Hand on Twitch

Akiba's Trip players are at the mercy of Twitch viewers as you can conjure a plethora of incidents with just a few keyboard strokes.

Akiba's Trip players are at the mercy of Twitch viewers as you can conjure a plethora of incidents with just a few keyboard strokes.
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Cooking up all sorts of chaos for PS4 players fighting through in the streets of Akihabara is now possible through Twitch streaming. Viewers watching streams of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed can get in on some of the fun right from their keyboards.

Despite all the voyeuristic potential Akiba’s Trip may have, it doesn’t mean the only kicks are to be had sitting and watching Nanashi and crew blaze through the undead and their clothes. You can still sit and watch them do that, but now someone’s dear aunt can watch with you in the game. Or perhaps, you can disrupt engagements with local police officers who received an anonymous tip. Make it rain panties if you want to, just because you can. It’s all at your fingertips.

As a player, you have the ability to press the “Share” button on the PS4 DualShock 4 controller in use to upload screenshots, videos, or livestreams of your current gaming session. This is where the fun begins. As the viewer, typing certain keywords into chat during livestreams of the game prompts various things to happen in the environment. The players are then left to deal with whatever you’ve conjured up, however much of a help or hinderance that may be.

Here’s the rundown of commands:

  • “Help” – Summons Nana to help out with patrols and combat.
  • “Unison” – Boosts the player’s Unison Strip gauge, lending an additional helping hand.
  • “Join [optional message here]” – The commenter gets recreated as an NPC in the game area. The optional message is whatever the author of the command wants to fill it with, and their NPC will then greet everybody with what was written. If the commenter substitutes “Join” with any term for a person, the script will then insert the corresponding type of NPC in the area with the commenter’s name, instead of a random NPC. Currently, the known registered list of terms includes: man, woman, boy, girl, geek, nerd, dork, otaku, gothic, lolita, goth, loli, thug, punk, delinquent, aunt, auntie, lady, schoolboy, schoolgirl, foreigner, visitor, tourist, and gaijin.
  • “Look” – Commands everybody on-screen to turn around to face the camera, as something instantaneously draws their attention to it. If this is used with no NPCs around, then nothing will happen.
  • “Attack” – Incites violence for everybody in the player’s immediate area, causing them all to swarm and attack.
  • “Police” – If the player is making a ruckus or otherwise doing something that warrants tattling on them, this command anonymously tips off the local authorities and gets them in a bind. If there is no trouble present, the officer will still appear, but no arrest attempts will be made.
  • “Pantyjump” – The wind stirs up all the underwear that’s been discarded on the ground and causes them to become airborne. 

A hail of panties, fire, and brimstone in one of Japan’s most renowned shopping districts sounds like a pretty dynamic backdrop for fighting an undead invasion. As more chat commands and environment effects are discovered, maybe the characters’ unmentionables can be made to dance and fight our battles, too. Only time and curious minds will tell.

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