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Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Bright Falls

Someone's left you the cutest little weapon upgrade currency. Here's where to find all the lunchboxes in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

Saga’s weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2 require you to find some hidden presents from a secret admirer. Here’s how to find all lunchboxes in Bright Falls.

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Weaponized Fanfiction: All Secret Bright Falls Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2

Each Alex Casey lunchbox in Alan Wake 2 contains a piece of evidence for Saga’s related investigation, along with one to nine Manuscript Pieces. The latter can be spent in Saga’s Mind Place to unlock various weapon upgrades, some of which are real game-changers. It’s useful to bank your Manuscript Pieces until roughly the point at which you get the Screwdriver, which coincides with a big overall difficulty spike.

Lunchboxes are exclusive to Saga’s campaign. You can track your lunchbox collection via the “Alex Casey Lunchboxes” investigation on Saga’s case board, which also lets you track how many are available in any particular map.

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When you’re exploring, keep an eye out for either small stacks of colored stones that have been left in odd places (above) or knitted diamond-shaped ornaments hanging on trees. These are visual indicators that there’s a lunchbox somewhere in the immediate area, although some are hidden much better than others.

If you’re having trouble with your lunchbox collection, you can complete the Mayor Sutter side mission as soon as you reach the Valhalla Nursing Home during “Old Gods.” This rewards you with the Mayor Setter Charm, which dramatically increases the range at which nearby resources get labeled on Saga’s in-game map (below).

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That includes lunchboxes, which in Bright Falls, are often out in the middle of nowhere. Honestly, Mayor Setter kind of takes the fun out of collectible hunting, but I can’t imagine being able to find some of these any other way.

All Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations in Bright Falls

This list is provided in the rough order in which the lunchboxes can be discovered in the course of the game. It doesn’t match the order in which Saga files them on her case board.

Lunchbox #1 Location

I didn’t find this until relatively late in the game, but it’s out in the open next to a tree on the east side of the new Founder’s Park, which is on the east edge of downtown Bright Falls.

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I have not checked to see if this lunchbox is already available when you first visit town in Return 1, but lunchboxes seem to remain relatively stable throughout the game. They aren’t like manuscript pages where they appear at random constantly.

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Lunchbox #2 Location

At the start of “Old Gods,” you gain access to the Bunker Woods on the west side of the Bright Falls map, although flooding’s blocked off most of its southwestern area. From your starting position, head southwest, towards the washed-out trail that leads to the local Ranger Station.

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You should spot a number of colorful decorations on trees (below) that will help guide you to the lunchbox’s location. There are actually dozens more of these if you’re coming from the Ranger Station, but that won’t be possible until the end of “Old Gods.”

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Lunchbox #3 Location

On the west side of the northern Bunker Woods, the trail to the Valhalla Nursing Home leads you through a small valley. If you turn south before entering the east end of that valley, you should spot the lunchbox in a small clearing against the cliff face.

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It’s roughly due southwest from the Break Room you can reactivate at the top of the cliffs.

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Lunchbox #4 Location

For some mysterious reason, you can find a lunchbox in Rose’s office on the first floor of the Valhalla Nursing Home, across the room from her elaborate multi-part Alan Wake shrine.

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Lunchbox #5 Location

After the conclusion of “Old Gods,” you reappear in Valhalla’s back yard with a new set of bolt cutters. Use them to cut the chain on Valhalla’s back gate and head into the southern Bunker Woods.

There’s a lunchbox really close to Valhalla’s back gate, but there aren’t many landmarks nearby. It’s in the center of the looped trails just southwest from the gate (below).

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Lunchbox #6 Location

From the previous lunchbox, head south, then follow the trail east towards Bright Falls. Once you reach the Ranger Station, veer south and stick to the beachfront as you keep heading east. You’ll run into a nursery rhyme first, and this lunchbox can be found a little further east than that, in the grass near the sand.

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It’s easiest to grab this right at the end of “Old Gods,” when this area is still relatively well lit. If you wait until at or near “Scratch,” the entirety of the Bunker Woods are pitch black and it’s hard to find the lunchbox without Mayor Setter’s Charm.

Lunchbox #7 Location

Look for a small barren hill to the southwest of Billie’s Boatyard on your way back to town from Valhalla. This lunchbox is on top of that hill next to a manuscript page.

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That’s how to find all Alex Casey lunchboxes on Alan Wake 2’s Bright Falls map. For more tips, like where to find all the lunchboxes in Watery, check out our dedicated AW2 game hub.

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