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Alan Wake 2: Where to Find All Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Watery

In Alan Wake 2, there are six Alex Casey lunchboxes hidden around Watery. Here's where to find them all.

Playing through Saga Anderson’s chapters, you’ll notice an anonymous individual is leaving boxes with Manuscript Fragments around Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake, and Watery. In this guide, we’ll pinpoint where to find the six Watery Alex Casey lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2

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All Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations in Watery

You’ll head to Watery during Return 3: Local Girl, as you continue with Saga’s portion of AW2. While most of the lunchboxes are near important junctions in the game, you can easily miss those hidden in more obscure corners of the map. Here’s where to find them all: 

Lunchbox #1: Found north of Coffee World, past the radio tower, and towards the cliff’s edge. I also encountered a few Taken here, so be on your guard. 

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Lunchbox #2: On the way to Coffee World, cross the bridge and take a slight right up to a small camping area. The lunchbox is right next to the tent.

Lunchbox #3: I was surprised to find this inside the moka pot at the Coffee World exit/entrance area, near the ticket booth. If you’re facing the booth, it’ll be the pot on your right side.

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Lunchbox #4: Go past the float outside Kalevala Knights Workshop towards the boats. This box is in between the shed and a covered boat.

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Lunchbox #5: Found just after entering the Lighthouse Trailer Park, near the children’s slide to your right.  

Lunchbox #6: This is right next to the Break Room at the Watery Lighthouse towards the edge of the cliff. 

Most of these were pretty easy to spot, though I struggled the most with the one hiding in a moka pot. I knew there had to be a lunchbox in the area, as I found the colorful egg-shaped items that hint at one being nearby. But it didn’t occur to me to actually look inside the moka pot until much later. 

How to Use Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2

Each Alex Casey lunchbox gives you Manuscript Fragments. You can use these in Saga’s Mind Place to purchase weapon upgrades, making improvements to your sawed-off shotgun, crossbow, hunting rifle, and more. To use them, all you need to do is select which upgrade you’d like to apply. At the beginning of my playthrough, I focused on the shotgun, which came in handy during close enemy encounters. 

That covers where to find all Alex Casey lunchboxes in Watery. They’re all fairly easy to get to, but you might still run into Taken in the process, so be sure to have ammo on hand and stand in a safe space if there’s one nearby. For more on how to increase inventory space and how to solve the Kalevala Knights Workshop float puzzle, head on over to our dedicated AW2 guides hub

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