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Alan Wake 2: How to Increase Inventory Space

Here's how to increase inventory space as Saga and Alan in AW2.

As you collect ammo, trauma pads, weapons, and more, you’ll quickly realize that your limited carrying capacity just isn’t cutting it. In this guide, we’ll cover how to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2, so you can pick up nearly all items you discover. 

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How to Increase Inventory Space in Alan Wake 2

In AW2, Saga and Alan have different methods of adding inventory slots. While Saga can pick up small pouches placed in the environment or hidden in Cult Stashes, Alan can do this simply from his Writer’s Room using Words of Power.

My inventory filled up quickly, just within the first couple of chapters, so it’s definitely worth it to hunt down these upgrades. You’ll also notice that Saga has three extra inventory slots; these are specifically for Charms that you’ll receive from completing Nursery Rhyme puzzles out in the world. 

Where to Find All Inventory Pouches for Saga

So far, I’ve found three pouches to upgrade Saga’s inventory. While I grabbed the first two very early in my playthrough, the third took some time, as you need bolt cutters to reach the area. However, the bottom row of my inventory is still crossed out, leading me to believe there’s a fourth elusive backpack hiding somewhere. Even so, here’s where to find three upgrades: 

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Inventory Pouch 1:

I found this inside the Cauldron Lake General Store’s locked room. It becomes accessible when Saga and Casey return to the area to track Nightingale. The door will be open by then, but you’ll need to fight a cultist before entering. Afterwards, head to the room and look at the cabinets on the floor near the shotgun case. The pouch will be on top of one of the cabinets. 

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Inventory Pouch 2:

You’ll find this by opening the Cauldron Lake Shore Cult Stash. After talking to Alan and Casey on the shore, walk south and duck under some debris. The stash is out in the open. Since it’s a memory test, just press the buttons in the correct order and grab the pouch inside along with the other supplies.

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Inventory Pouch 3:

This third pouch is in the Bright Falls Dock Cult Stash. However, I had to use the bolt cutters to access the Dock, which you won’t get until you complete Return Chapter 5: Old Gods. But once you’re inside, the stash is easily found in one of the shacks. It’s locked, and there’s a hint that the code is on the wooden pillars in the water. The code is 697. 

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Inventory Pouch 4:

Saga’s fourth inventory pouch is locked away in the Watery Lighthouse. But you’ll need to open all cult stashes in the game to get the Lighthouse key. It’ll appear in whichever one happens to be your last. Of the 22 containers, my final one was the Sheriff’s Station stash, which is only accessible right before you hit Saga’s point of no return. With the key in your inventory, you can open the Lighthouse door and grab the last inventory pouch on a small round table in the corner.

Alan’s Words of Stuff Upgrades

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If you’ve been collecting Words of Power as Alan, you might’ve noticed a category called Words of Stuff. It offers three upgrades:

  • Tourist Map: Marks all nearby resources and points of interest on Wake’s map. 
  • Magic Pocket: Expands Alan’s inventory by one row. 
  • Battery: Adds one Charge to Alan’s Flashlight

The Magic Pocket upgrade is the only way you can upgrade Alan’s inventory in AW2. Generally, Words of Power are hard to find. I’ve had to shoot down boards and angle my camera in weird ways to see these strange yellow circles. I’ve yet to find a Words of Stuff, but I know I’m grabbing Magic Pocket first when I do. I just love having everything on hand. That said, you can always use the extra storage in your nearest Break Room, which also comes in handy.

That’s how to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2. For more tips on navigating Alan and Saga’s horror story, check out our AW2 guides hub for more on how to enter Shrine Street Station and how to solve the Valhalla Nursing Home puzzle.

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