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Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code: How to Get the General Store Sawed-Off Shotgun

Here's how to get the shotgun code for Saga's sawed-off in the General Store in Alan Wake 2.

You can get a powerful weapon quite early in Remedy’s survival-horror sequel when Saga and Casey investigate Cauldron Lake. But you’ll need to solve a puzzle first. Here’s how to get the shotgun code for Saga’s General Store sawed off in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find the Sawed-Off Shotgun in the General Store in Alan Wake 2

After Nightingale escapes the Bright Falls Morgue, you’ll return to Cauldron Lake in search of him. This is a great time to add an extra weapon alongside your standard-issue FBI pistol, especially since you’re actively tracking a bloated undead monster. 

The sawed-off shotgun is locked away in the Cauldron Lake General Store. It’s propped up on the backroom wall, protected by a glass case. As you progress the questline, you’ll go there to retrieve Nightingale’s heart for the Overlap Ritual. You can pick up the weapon at the same time, or you could do what I did and explore the store before that point in the campaign. Fair warning: when you walk in, a cultist will break through a wall. Use your flashlight and pistol to take him down. 

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Alan Wake 2 gives you a lot of freedom in how you approach gameplay and discover items, so don’t worry if you didn’t notice the shotgun or the code. You can still go back to the General Store later on. With that said, I recommend getting it as soon as possible. 

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How to Get the Shotgun Code

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When you inspect the lock on the shotgun’s case, you’ll find a code is needed. You’ll notice there’s a sticky note that reads: check with Lady Fortuna at the counter. Head to the store’s counter with the cash register, and you’ll find a list of crossed-out numbers:

  • 705
  • 713
  • 717
  • 723

The code has been updated recently. To find the current one, inspect the Lotto ticket next to the notepad. It has the following numbers:

  • 05
  • 13
  • 17
  • 23
  • 39
  • 45

The clerk had been updating the code based on these lottery numbers while keeping the starting digit as seven each time. Going by this pattern, the shotgun code is 739. Head back to the case and input the three numbers. After it pops open, grab the weapon.

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How to Upgrade the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

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As you find Alex Casey Lunchboxes, you’ll collect Manuscript Fragments, which you can use to purchase weapon upgrades in Saga’s Mind Place. The shotgun upgrades in AW2 include

  • Fluid Motion: Increases reload speed.
  • Out of Action: Deals increased damage to enemies that are stunned, blinded, or knocked down.
  • Ready For More: Kill an enemy to restore health. 

Saga’s sawed-off shotgun is just one of many weapons she can wield, but it’s one I equip often. I regularly take advantage of its hard-hitting, short-range damage when enemies get up close and personal. However, I’m not a fan of its limited ammo capacity and how often I have to reload it, so I highly recommend taking the Fluid Motion upgrade to speed up the process. 

That covers how to get the shotgun code and the General Store sawed-off in Alan Wake 2. For more tips on navigating Saga and Alan’s nightmarish journey, head over to our growing guides hub for the game, where we’ve got more articles like where to find the crossbow and how to get the Lighthouse key.

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