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Alan Wake 2: How to Open the Coffee World Gift Shop Safe

Coffee World was creepy enough before the employees got possessed. Here's how to open the gift shop safe in Alan Wake 2.

Welcome to the most caffeinated place on Earth. To get a set of keys required to continue her investigation, Saga Anderson must explore the abandoned grounds of Coffee World. Unfortunately, its owner has some unconventional ideas about security. Here’s how to open the gift shop safe in Alan Wake 2.

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How to Get Into the Coffee World Gift Shop in Alan Wake 2

As is Alan Wake 2’s way, you’ll deal with one obstacle only to get confronted with another. Once you find the Screwdriver in Coffee World, you can use it to break the cheap lock on the Fresh Pot Gift Shop’s door and get inside. Once you do, however, you’ll have to figure out how to open its safe.

How to Get the Safe Code

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Ilmo, the owner of Coffee World, has changed the gift shop safe’s password again, challenging his employees and brother to figure out the mnemonic device he used to remember the 3-digit code. That’s fun for Ilmo, but exactly no one else, including you.

Gift Shop Puzzle Clue: Deciphering Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner

I overthought the gift shop puzzle at first, but it’s a lot simpler than it looks. Saga will dedicate an entire stretch of her mind room case board to the gift shop safe if you want another clue or two, but you really do have all the tools you need to solve it. It adds another tab to her profile on Ilmo and Jaako, however, complete with her intuitive look into their thought process.

The key Ilmo’s left for Jaako, in the memo on top of the safe, is Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner. If you inspect the chalkboard on the gift shop’s wall, you’ll find that Coffee World has nine current employees.

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As Saga will note if you sort things out on her case board — or guess by comparing Thomas’ sticker count to the note on the chalkboard — each employee’s photo has one coffee bean sticker on it for every year they’ve worked at Coffee World. No one has worked there for longer than six years. If you’re having trouble counting the stickers like I did, remember that you can zoom in on the board (below).

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Coffee World Safe Code Answer

The mistake I made on this puzzle was trying to figure out if “tracker” and “lookout” in Ilmo’s clue equated to fancy names for somebody’s job title. “Cleaner” equals “janitor,” obviously, so the last digit in the safe code is 6. Ilmo’s clue corresponds to the first letter of the matching employees’ names for the first two digits. Thomas has worked at Coffee World for 1 year, and Lucy, the caregiver, has worked there for 4 years.

Hence, the password to the safe is 146. Don’t ask me how long it took me to figure that out.

That’s how to open the Coffee World gift shop safe in Alan Wake 2. For more tips, solutions, and walkthroughs, such as how to find inspiration or solve the Valhalla Nursing Home puzzle, click the links or check out our dedicated AW2 guides hub.

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