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Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Parade Float Puzzle in Kalevala Knights Workshop

Grab the necessary items to use as parade float props in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 is filled to the brim with tricky brain teasers that you need to complete just to progress through the campaign. Our guide discusses how to solve the Kalevala Knights Workshop Parade Float puzzle in Alan Wake 2, so you can finally unlock the Overlap in this zone.

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How to Solve the Alan Wake 2 Kalevala Knights Workshop Parade Float Puzzle

You need the following items to complete Kalevala Knights Workshop Parade Float puzzle in Alan Wake 2:

  • Moose Skull Mask
  • Fuse and Circuit Board
  • Toy Puukko Knife
  • Cassette Tape

How to Get the Moose Skull Mask

I advise you to grab the Moose Skull Mask first, as it’s quite heavy. Saga will move slowly while she’s lugging it around. Here’s how to get it:

  • Go to the Case Board in the Mind Place and select The Trail of the Cult.
  • Make sure that the lower portion — “How to Get Clicker Back” and “Parade Needs Float” — has all the necessary clues.
  • Eventually, you’ll get a branch called “Where Is the Mask?”
  • Profile the Koskelas and select “The Moose Skull Mask.”
  • After the cutscene, head to the nearby Huotari Well. You’ll notice that the Moose Skull Mask has appeared.

How to Get the Fuse and Circuit Board

The next items that we need to solve the Kalevala Knights Workshop Parade Float puzzle in Alan Wake 2 are the Fuse and Circuit Board. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Fuse can be found on the desk in the workshop’s Break Room (i.e. save point).
  • Make your way to the Espresso Express ride in Coffee World, then place the Fuse inside the slot. This will activate the ride.
  • Go to the control panel and take note of the ledge in front of you. You’ll want to wait for a gap between the rocket ships before pressing the button on the control panel.
  • If you time it right, the ride will stop, and there should be a gap that allows you to jump down. You’ll find the Circuit Board in the panel below.

How to Get the Toy Puukko Knife

At this stage, I suggest keeping a manual save by using the Break Room in the workshop. Since I was playing on Normal Mode, the next area had several Taken enemies that suddenly spawned. I can only imagine what it would be like for those playing on Hard Mode.

In any case, the goal now is to head all the way back to the Gift Shop near where you first entered Coffee World. You’ll find the Toy Puukko Knife next to the foam hands.

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How to Get the Cassette Tape

As I mentioned earlier, several Taken will appear. It’s up to you if you want to eliminate or avoid them completely. In my case, I just spammed the dodge button, and I did get lucky.

Anyway, you should run straight to the Fair Trade Funzone. You’ll notice a smiling mascot cutout at the corner of a stall. Check behind it to find the Cassette Tape.

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Where to Place All the Items

Now that you have all the items, it’s time to place them in the proper slots:

  • Moose Skull Mask — The head of the animatronic on the right.
  • Toy Puukko Knife — The hand of the animatronic on the right.
  • Circuit Board — The panel at the right-hand side of the float.
  • Cassette Tape — The well prop on the float.

You’ll hear a noise nearby. If you check the Huotari Well, you’ll see that a portal has appeared. Make a manual save back in the workshop, and be ready to enter the Overlap.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Kalevala Knights Workshop Parade Float puzzle in Alan Wake 2. For other tips and tactics, such as how to solve the Valhalla Nursing Home puzzle or how to get Saga’s shotgun, click the links or visit our AW2 guides hub.

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