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Alan Wake 2: Hunting Rifle and Doorknob Locations in the Wellness Center

Add an extra weapon to Saga's arsenal. Here's how to get the hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2.

In Alan Wake 2, you can never have too many weapons when going up against the Taken, and you can easily miss Saga’s hunting rifle while searching for Tor in the Valhalla Nursing Home’s Wellness Center. In this guide, we’ll cover where to find the missing doorknob and hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2. 

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How to Get the Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2

Return Chapter 5: Old Gods sends you on plenty of searches, whether it’s finding a missing family member or solving the Valhalla Nursing Home puzzle. Sometimes, matters can seem so urgent that you might forget to keep your eyes peeled for new tools. So when you finally convince Rose to let you investigate the Wellness Center, I recommend heading straight to the hunting rifle workshop room. 

Hunting Rifle Location

Saga’s hunting rifle is in the Wellness Center Workshop. It’s also known as Blum’s Private Workroom. To get there, take the far-left door in the main hall after Tor escapes, and head down the L-shaped hall until you reach the Workshop and Security Room doors.

Not only is the Workshop electronically locked like other doors in the Wellness Center, but it’s also missing a doorknob. So you’ll have to solve both problems before taking Blum’s hunting rifle for yourself. 

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Solve the Wellness Center Security Computer Code Puzzle

Since the Security Room is right next door, I recommend finding the admin password to the security computer first, which will unlock the doors to enter the Workshop and follow Tor. You’ll need to compare Blum’s marked calendar dates on the wall to his journal notes, which will eventually point you to a special date: August 17, 2023. However, Blum uses the European-style date format, so the code to the security computer is 170823. 

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Where to Find the Workshop Doorknob

The doorknob to the Workshop is at the Wellness Center’s reception desk. After unlocking the doors via the security computer, all you need to do is grab the doorknob. Head to the reception entryway. Then, go through the sliding doors and enter the Staff Lounge. Immediately veer right to the bright room with the reception desk. Straight ahead, you’ll see a cardboard box under the desk marked “Sun Bananas.” Look inside the box and pick up the doorknob inside.

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Use the doorknob to enter the Workshop and open the blue cabinet with the hunting rifle. The hunting rifle takes up four inventory slots, so I had to discard some extra ammo and trauma pads to make room for this weapon when I got it. At the time, I wasn’t aware the Wellness Center has a Break Room. You can access it in the Dispensary room marked on your map and unload your extra supplies in the Shoebox. Don’t waste them, like I did.  

That covers how to get the doorknob and hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2. For more on how to get the crossbow and how to get more ammo, check out our growing AW2 guides hub

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