Alan Wake 2: How to Upgrade Words of Power

You've found a Word of Power! But how do you upgrade it in Alan Wake 2?

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Words of Power are an important part of Alan’s sections because they make him stronger with small buffs. As such, here’s how to upgrade Words of Power in Alan Wake 2.

How do You Upgrade Words of Power in Alan Wake 2?

You can’t choose the type of Words of Power you find, but you can choose how to upgrade each one.

Words of Power Categories and Upgrades

Words of Power are divided into seven categories: Action, Aid, Fix, Gun, Lamp, Stuff, and War. Each category has three available upgrades. You won’t be able to max out every upgrade in each category. So, this means you’ll need to pick and choose which ones you think will give you the most benefit. However, the upgrades are permanent and stack, meaning the upgrades you choose are always active after that point.

How to Get Words of Power Upgrades

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You find Words of Power when playing as Alan. They’re circles of words written in yellow, and focusing on them will unlock an upgrade in a specific type of word. For example, if you come across a writing that unlocks a Word of Aid, then you can only take one of the upgrades included in that category.

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Using the Writer’s Room to Upgrade Words of Power

When you have an upgrade available, find a Break Room so you’re safe from enemies, and then enter the Writer’s Room. From there, interact with the desk and choose the word category you found an upgrade for. Then, all that’s left is to pick your upgrade from the three available options.

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And that’s how to upgrade Words of Power in Alan Wake 2. The bonuses might seem small, but a little boost to damage or health can make a huge difference. This is especially true if you’re playing on higher difficulties like Hard or Nightmare. From here, check out our AW2 guides hub for more topics like how to solve the Battery Cult Stash Puzzle or how to get all weapons.

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