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Alan Wake 2: Quality vs Performance Mode — Which is Better?

What's the difference between Quality and Performance mode in Alan Wake 2, and which one should you use?

Sometimes, tech requirements for a game require us to choose between graphical quality or smooth gameplay. So, for Quality vs Performance mode in Alan Wake 2, which is better?

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What’s the Difference Between Quality and Performance Mode in Alan Wake 2?

The option between Quality and Performance modes is only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

If you’re on PC like me, you’ll find an abundance of graphical options that replace choosing between Quality Mode, which locks the game at 30 FPS in exchange for 4k resolution. Or Performance Mode, which brings the FPS up to 60 and lowers the resolution in exchange to about 1080p. While both modes let you enjoy the scenery and make it through combat, you might end up selecting your mode based on difficulty.

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When to Use Quality Mode

I play on Normal, which means both modes function fine and don’t impact the game in terms of combat or graphical quality. However, on Story mode, you might opt for Quality to take advantage of the full immersive beauty and horrors of Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake, and Watery. Especially since combat is easier and you need fewer shots to defeat the Taken, so you don’t necessarily need the higher FPS.

When to Use Performance Mode

On Hard or Nightmare difficulties, I’d recommend going with Performance Mode. With harder combat, fewer resources, and the need to maneuver into lit areas, the smooth motion of this mode becomes vital. Although the graphics go down slightly in quality with lower resolution, it’s not like they’re ugly or unbearable. The environments are still stunning. But if you’re on higher difficulties, you might be more focused on survival than sightseeing anyway.

And that covers which is better: Quality vs Performance mode in Alan Wake 2. Like many topics, the answer depends on your game difficulty, how you play, and what you value in your gaming experience. From here, check our AW2 guide hub for more content like how to align echoes or how to unlock the Talk Show Studio Door.

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