Aliens: Dark Descent Infestation Level Guide

Follow our guide if you want to know how to lower Infestation level in Aliens: Dark Descent.

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Infestation in Aliens: Dark Descent automatically increases the level of difficulty as you progress through the game, with the swarm growing each passing day and ramping up the trouble you’re going to have along with it. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to lower Infestation level in Aliens: Dark Descent.

Aliens Dark Descent: How to Lower Infestation Level

You can check your current level of planet Infestation in the “Command Deck” menu, you can find the gauge in the bottom right corner. Here’s how it affects the difficulty level that you’ll be experiencing with each Infestation level:

  • The overall number of Xenomorphs increases at each location.
  • Patrols become more frequent at all locations.
  • Onslaught, Hunting, and Undetected missions also get higher numbers of patrols.
  • Alien Swarms are harder to defeat, requiring more Sentry Guns to be deployed.

Note that high Infestation levels only become a problem if you’re playing on Hard and Nightmare difficulties. I’ve noticed doesn’t impact much at lower difficulties. In either case, here are all the possible ways to decrease Infestation:

  • Unlock a reusable “Lower Infestation Level” ability in the Laboratory for 10 DNA Samples.
  • Take part in random “Lower Infestation Level” events when they pop up in various missions.
  • Reduce the Infestation level by 2 points during the “Becker is a Genius” expedition for 50 Materials and 5 Xenosamples.
  • Minimize the days spent on Otago and Lethe with your squad.
  • Try to collect all the items in each mission.
  • Lower the “Death Clock Campaign Days” difficulty setting at the start of the game.

That’s everything you need to know on how to lower Infestation level in Aliens: Dark Descent. Stay tuned for more Aliens: Dark Descent tips and tricks articles right here.

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