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Aliens: Dark Descent — How to Rotate Sentry Guns

Don't misuse a marine's best tool. Here's how to rotate turrets in Aliens: Dark Descent.

Aliens: Dark Descent has plenty of tools to help you overcome the Xenomorph hives, and one of the most viable support options is the turret. However, you’ll want to know how to rotate the sentry guns to use them effectively. These automated weapons can help you in various situations, but it isn’t clear how to properly use them at first. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Rotate Sentry Guns in Aliens: Dark Descent

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Something that isn’t properly explained is how to rotate sentry guns and choose where they’re pointing. It’s not uncommon to deploy a turret in the entirely wrong direction the first few times you place it. I can say from experience that it’s one of the last things you want to happen while fighting an Alien Queen. Here’s how to choose which direction they face:

  • Open the skill menu and select the Sentry Gun.
    • Move the cursor wherever you desire, and instead of pressing the confirm button (left mouse click/A/X) again, hold it instead.
    • Doing this will display a cone of vision it will fire within, which you can then move around using the mouse or left analog stick.
    • Let the button go, and a marine will deploy it facing your chosen direction.

How to Change a Turret’s Angle

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It’s not uncommon for enemies to flank you from another direction or simply squeak past with health remaining. With that in mind, choosing a turret’s angle would be ideal. Unfortunately, sentry guns are set in place. From my time playing through the campaign for my review of Dark Descent, I only found the following interactions after placing a turret:

  • Pick Up
  • Reload
  • Repair
  • Repair and Pick Up
  • Upgrade

If you want to change the direction of a sentry gun, you’ll have to pick it up and redeploy it. It’s as tedious as it sounds and can be dangerous to do in the middle of combat. I’d only suggest moving a turret in combat if you know your squad can keep the enemies at bay with one less Marine and sentry gun helping. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid the situation altogether by using multiple turrets to assist you.

And that’s how to rotate sentry guns in Aliens: Dark Descent. If you’ve had trouble understanding how saving works or want to know how to take advantage of the autosave system, we’ve got a guide for that. We also cover how to get rid of Traumas and the easiest ways to remove facehuggers.

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