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All Al Mazrah Key Locations in DMZ Warzone 2 Mapped

Here's where to use all of your keys in Al Mazrah in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ.

If you’re collecting the best loot, then finding in-game keys is a great way to do that. Here are all the locations where you can use keys for the Al Mazrah map in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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All Al Mazrah Key Locations in DMZ

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Keys in Warzone 2 DMZ allow players access to areas with high-value loot caches. Players obtain keys by either purchasing them at Buy Stations or by grabbing them off downed powerful NPCs such as armored soldiers. Once you obtain these keys, here are the locations where you can use them:

  • ABF Antiquities Office (G7)
  • Ahmed Grocery Store Office (G5)
  • Al Bagra Barrack (G7)
  • Al Bagra Fortress Antiquities Office (G7)
  • Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom (F7)
  • Al Bagra Officers Quarters (G7)
  • Al Safwa Stone Block Office (C4)
  • Algae Covered Toolbox (F3)
  • Art Museum (F3)
  • Bank of Adal, second and top floors (D7)
  • B.C. Toolbox (G5)
  • Canal Apartment 10 (F3)
  • Caretaker’s House (D5)
  • Caretaker’s Toolbox (D7)
  • Cavern Boat Dock Shack (D6)
  • Central Sa’ld Top Floor Apartment (D6)
  • Central Zaya Meeting Room (F5)
  • Ch 7 Editorial Department (F2)
  • Ch 7 Secure Records (F2)
  • Chemical Storage Warehouse (B4)
  • Clock Repair Tools (F2)
  • Control Tower (G5)
  • Crane Control Room (B3)
  • Deckhand’s Toolbox (E8)
  • Downtown Post Office (F4)
  • Groundskeeper Building (E6)
  • Far South Eastern Storage Closet (H5)
  • Hafid Ship Bridge Cache (B6)
  • Hafid Ship First Mate Cache (B6)
  • Hydro Island Computer (E4)
  • IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room (C6)
  • Kushaak Construction Warehouse (B4)
  • Longshoreman’s Duffel Bag (B6)
  • Mawizeh Cell Shop (F4)
  • Mawizeh R esort Bungalow (F5)
  • Mawizeh Resort Main Building (G5)
  • Mawizeh Power Control (G4)
  • Mawizeh Slum Discarded Cache (F4)
  • Mountaintop Spotter Shack (G5)
  • North Canals Info Booth (F3)
  • Old Lighthouse Citadel Room (E6)
  • Omar’s Auto Repair (D7)
  • Police Academy (G3)
  • Police Academy Locker Room (G4)
  • Police Academy Server Locker Room (G4)
  • Power Substation Toolbox (D7)
  • Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox (B4)
  • Retro Fridge (H6)
  • Rohan Control Room Locker (D3)
  • Rohan Oil North Guard Shack (D3)
  • Rohan Oil South Guard Shack (D3)
  • Sa’id Mall Security Room (D6)
  • Sattiq Poppy Farm House (C4)
  • Sattiq Guest Quarters (D4)
  • Sawah Crypto Mining Farm (D7)
  • Sawah Hotel Room 302/303 (D7)
  • Scientist’s Locker (F5)
  • Special Forces Dead Drop (G2)
  • Special Ops Relay Station (B6)
  • South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom (G7)
  • South Bank Apartment (D6)
  • South Zaya Scientists Apartment (E6)
  • Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache (E8)
  • Taraq River Supply Shack (E2)
  • Taraq Smugglers Office (E2)
  • Taraq Tunnels Workbench Cache (E2)
  • Tower Conference Room (G7)
  • Traveler’s Luggage (G6)
  • U.S. Embassy (F3)
  • Under Freeway East Warehouse (G4)
  • Weapons Repair Kit (D4)
  • West Zarqwa Safe House (E4)
  • Yum Yum Burger Back Room (G3)
  • Zarqwa Market Storage (E4)
  • Zarqwa Red Village Appartment (E4)
  • Zaya Radar Dome (E5)

That covers all Al Mazrah key locations in Warzone 2 DMZ. For more Warzone DMZ tips, check out our guide on all hospital locations and where to find Konni Soldiers.

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