Tornado Rock Isle Artifact Locations Lightyear Frontier
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All Artifact Locations in Tornado Rock Isle in Lightyear Frontier

Lovely Island brings the most exciting Artifact hunt ever.

Tornado Rock Isle is the biggest area in Lightyear Frontier. It’s truly an exotic destination with many new resources that you can discover and farm. Of course, Artifacts can also be found, but some of the locations are really obscure. Let me show you all of them.

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Location of Every Artifact in Tornado Rock Isle in Lightyear Frontier

There are 16 Artifacts to be found on the Tornado Rock Isle in Lightyear Frontier. If you want to get to the Tornado Isle, you need to solve the puzzle and escape the Vault. This is necessary because the ability to surf is unlocked in the Vault.

I have found no “glitch” ways to get to the Tornado Rock Isle… yet. Some of the Artifacts are on the coast of this mini-harbor (southeast section of the zone), but there are a few scattered on the islands off the coast, which might be the ones you haven’t found by yourself. Let’s take it from the top. In the harbor, I started my Artifact search from the big crane in the middle:

Then, I turned left, walked along the eastern coast, and visited the mossy containers sitting just near the water. There, I found four artifacts!

One was between the two containers.

The second was on a container. You can technically spot it all the way from the crane from which I started my search.

The third one is between the pillars and the containers, close to the water.

The fourth one is hiding on top of the construction on the shore.

Next, I checked out the secluded, gated area to the east. There, I located five artifacts.

Two are between the rock hill and the containers.

In the chamber right next to these containers, there is an artifact on a crate right next to my Mech. The next chamber contains two more. Let’s check them out.

One of the last artifacts in this section of the ruins is hiding under a fallen concrete panel.

Next, I went to the other side of the harbor to search for more Artifacts. Make sure to check out the stranded boat. There are two artifacts there. One is inside the boat.

The other one is on top of the boat.

Next, I went south down the coast and found two more artifacts.

One is right there on the beach, sunbathing and having a picnic of some sort.

The other one is resting in the shade of a tree.

The last two artifacts are found further to the south, and now you’ll have to do some surfing. To accompany the pictures of the “Strange rocks,” I’ll add the minimap location as well.

The 15th overall artifact is on a half-sunk container in one of the middle islands.

The last artifact is on the southernmost island. You can reach it by surfing on the surface of the water and jumping if you run out of “surf fuel.”

That’s it! If you haven’t found all Artifacts in the game, we have locations of all seven ruins listed, and many other useful guides at our Lightyear Frontier Game Hub.

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