How to Solve Puzzle Lightyear Frontier
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How to Solve the Puzzle and Find a Way Out of the Vault in Lightyear Frontier

Solving this puzzle took me longer than it was supposed to.

The story in Lightyear Frontier took an unexpected turn when you got through that strange door. After going through various hallways, a puzzle starts puzzling you. This puzzle is actually not that difficult to solve, and I will be glad to help you find the way out of the vault.

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Solution to the Puzzle in the Vault in Lightyear Frontier

Your task is to connect various cables to “corresponding” sockets in this puzzle. At first, it’s a 50/50 chance to guess which of the two cables goes into Socket 1, but then it becomes more tedious, as dozens of sockets are available, with multiple cables, leaving you pondering how many different combinations can exist (I did the math, there are way too many). Because of this, the puzzle looked difficult at first, and I started trying every possible combination I could. I was very close to going to the official community Discord to cry for help, but then I spotted a hint that was hiding in plain sight this whole time.

Please spot the pattern indicated in the screenshot below. You will find it high on one of the monitors in the great chamber. It goes zig-zag, starting from the bottom left corner of the 2×4 formation. When starting from the left side, you should connect the cables to those sockets, going down, up, down, up.

Puzzle Solution Part 1 Lightyear Frontier
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Upon making the connection, a monitor above the first puzzle will light up. I got the pattern that’s like an upside-down checkmark.

Puzzle Solution Part 2 Lightyear Frontier
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Once again, you are to recreate the pattern from the monitor. Hook up the first cable into the left socket (in the middle row), then go up and right (diagonally), hook up a cable, and then go diagonally down right with the remaining two cables. Check the screenshot below to see how I did it!

Puzzle Solution Part 3 Lightyear Frontier
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After finishing this puzzle, a door will open, and you should go through it.

How to Find a Way Out of the Vault in Lightyear Frontier

In the following three screenshots, I’d like to explain how to get out quickly.

  1. Claim your reward. It unlocks “Water Walking” for your Mech. Hooray! Now you can have fun!
    Water walking works like this: You need to hold the sprint (Shift by default) and run onto water.
    Make sure to keep an eye on the purple bar that will drain while gliding across the water!
  2. Follow the lines gently, and take your time to glide between these platforms. You can also take chances on the right side if you feel like it.
  3. Attack the final platform from the right side (or the frontal side if you are confident you can jump over).

Once you leave the vault, you can access a location with your new water walking ability. Make sure to go over there and glide your way in.

Secret Location Lightyear Frontier
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Now that you’ve done all these amazing things, I suggest you also check out the island in the north since you now have the tools to go there. Check out how to edit your base and move stuff around, all artifact locations in Pine Heights, as well as our other Lightyear Frontier guides at our game hub.

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