Lightyear Frontier How to Edit Base
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How to Edit Your Base and Move Buildings in Lightyear Frontier

Time for a base makeover with these small tweaks!

Misplacing a structure or needing to move things around to make room for a new building happens a lot in crafting games. If you want to move your buildings in Lightyear Frontier, I’ll show you how to do it.

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Moving structures in your base in Lightyear Frontier is not available as a direct mechanic like in other games, but there is an alternate way to move your structures around that works just as well.

How to Move Structures in Your Base in Lightyear Frontier

It’s called “recycling” and involves completely destroying your building, picking up the materials you used to erect it in the first place, and constructing the building elsewhere. It’s a refund option that returns 100% of the resources invested in a construction.

Building menu in Lightyear Frontier
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How to Refund Structures in Your Base in Lightyear Frontier

When you press “B” to enter the build mode, you will see the “H” – Recycle hotkey on your screen below the build wheel. Press “H” and you can start recycling your structures. Once you select a structure, left-click on it, and it will be instantly destroyed, and you can pick up your items.

Recycle menu in Lightyear Frontier
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After you pick up your items, you can leave the recycling mode by pressing the right-click button on your mouse or “B.” Now, you can freely build your structure again at a more suitable location for your current needs. Or you don’t have to; you can use the resources for something else. It’s common in these games that players temporarily build multiple copies of, let’s say, a furnace to speed up their crafting when they are rushing to obtain certain items.

Recycled Plot in Lightyear Frontier
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That’s all the base (re)construction info I’ve got for you in this article. Check out our Lightyear Frontier hub, where you will find more Lightyear Frontier articles, such as how to switch seeds and sprouts and how to plant and water seeds.

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