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All Content Warning Monsters (& How to Deal With Them)

A bestiary of some sort.

Content Warning came out of nowhere and captured the attention of many horror co-op game fans, who eagerly record scary clips for SpookTube. While doing this, many monsters try to kill you, so here’s a list of these scary entities (Bestiary) and tips on how to deal with them.

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Content Warning Bestiary – List of Every Entity in the Game

Due to the lack of an official Bestiary (similar to what Lethal Company, Vampire Survivors, and many other games have), the community is making up various names for the currently existing entities in Content Warning. I will sort them alphabetically and will talk about all of them individually.

I am aware of 17 monsters in Content Warning and three more threats that should be included in this list. When the names become official, I’ll update them accordingly.

  1. Animal Statue
  2. Barnacle Ball / Tentacle Ball / Squid Ball
  3. Bomb Man / Grenadier
  4. Captcha / Iron Maiden
  5. Caterpillar / Centipede / Naga
  6. Ceiling Star
  7. Ghost With a Knife
  8. Giant / Big Slap
  9. Invisible Crawler
  10. Lasers
  11. Machine Gun Robot
  12. Mixer Man
  13. Screamer / Froggy
  14. Shadow / Cthulhu
  15. Slime / Tardigrade
  16. Snail Man / Snail Zombie
  17. Spider
  18. Spinning Movie Tapes
  19. The Eye
  20. Van Gogh / Ear Robot

How to Deal With Animal Statue in Content Warning

Animal Statues are items that you will sometimes spot on the floor in your runs. Be careful when picking them up because some of them might trap you, similar to what the masks do to you in Lethal Company. You will easily spot a “fake” animal statue when you take a good look at it and inspect its name. If it’s misspelled, stay far away from it.

How to Deal With Barnacle Ball / Tentacle Ball / Squid Ball in Content Warning

It’s a four-legged creature that reminds me of the headcrab from Half-Life. It is really fast, and it can drag you toward itself to kill you, so it’s your best bet to be aware of your surroundings at all times and start running away from this creature as soon as you see it. It can also poison you with its gas.

How to Deal With Bomb Man / Grenadier in Content Warning

It’s a small and agile creature that will start throwing bombs at you, so when you hear explosions, you know who’s coming. It is not shy of approaching you closely and completely detonating itself with the hopes of taking you with it. Maintaining a range between yourself and this entity is mandatory, and I’d advise you to run around corners to try and elude it completely. Make sure to clip your teammate being blown up for views, however.

How to Deal With Captcha / Iron Maiden in Content Warning

It’s an Iron Maiden metal cage that has a Captcha that you should solve if you want to get out. There are three attempts to do it, and there is a set time limit after which you are killed if a teammate does not free you. The captcha usually consists of random characters you should type in in exact order as it’s written on the lock.

How to Deal With Caterpillar / Centipede / Naga in Content Warning

I’ve no idea how to name this creature, but the three names I’ve put are what you see in this crossover. It’s a centipede that’s “standing up,” if I had to be descriptive. It has huge hands and will quickly slither toward you like a dangerous snake, grab you, and smack you down on the ground like Hulk in that Avengers scene. No other strat than to run as far as you can.

How to Deal With Ceiling Star in Content Warning

Ceiling Star is a pretty nice replica of Barnacle (ceiling monster) from Half-Life. It’s almost impossible to detect if you don’t look at the ceiling with your flashlight on specifically; its tongue is almost transparent, and there’s no scan option like there is in Lethal Company. Once you get caught by this evil starfish, you (or your teammate) need to throw something at it (and land a hit) so that it lets go of its grip. Otherwise, you’ll be slowly digested, and that’s it for you.

How to Deal With Ghost With a Knife in Content Warning

Oh no, it’s a monster with a bed sheet over its head, has cut-outs for its eyes, and is holding a knife! It’s not to be joked with, as it is pretty fast and will deliver significant damage to you if it stabs you. However, it can unexplainably stop moving or start wandering away from you randomly, so make sure to have enough stamina to run away and check behind your shoulder to see if it’s still behind you.

How to Deal With Giant / Big Slap in Content Warning

This monster is basically a “Hulk Smash” type. It’s big and loud, and it will beat you to a pulp. There’s nothing you can do to stop it, as far as I know. You’ll probably have to sacrifice a teammate (and film the teammate for views) so that you can run away from it safely.

How to Deal With Invisible Crawler in Content Warning

This entity is tall, has long legs and arms, crawls around, and can occasionally turn invisible. It is highly sensitive to light sources, so if you see a crewmate being pinned down by it, you have to point your flashlight at it before your crewmate is finished off.

How to Deal With Lasers in Content Warning

From time to time, you’ll see that some hallways are filled with lasers. Needless to say, these lasers kill you instantly, and there’s a way to monetize this if your teammate is filming you while doing this (if there’s nothing else you can do for views in the Old World). I mean, you can re-enact Britney Spears’ official music video for the song Toxic and become viral on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, who knows?

How to Deal With Machine Gun Robots in Content Warning

This one spells D.E.A.T.H. It’s not even funny. It looks like that military cat/dog robot you’ve probably seen on YouTube or in Black Mirror, but it also has a machine gun on its back and a scanner that emits a red beam of light. If you see the red beam of light, do not let it “touch” you because then the robot will start blasting at you. Similar to the turrets in Lethal Company, but this one is mobile.

How to Deal With Mixer Man in Content Warning

Mixer Man is, luckily, not very problematic in Content Warning. You will clearly see it winding up its charge attack, so by strafing left or right while looking at it, you will easily be able to dodge it. You can also lure it to charge over the edge.

How to Deal With Screamer / Froggy in Content Warning

It’s a cute and short little monster that won’t kill you, but it will sneak up on you and start screaming, with the goal of obstructing your hearing, so you’ll have a hard time communicating with your teammates and actually hearing what’s going on around you. It’ll probably just run away from you after having enough of screaming.

How to Deal With Shadow / Cthulhu in Content Warning

This one is trippy and scary. Like, for real. It’s mostly invisible, phases in and out of our plane of existence, looks like a Lovecraftian nightmare fuel monster, and when you see lights around you flicker, be sure that something bad’s about to happen. This monster can force you to look at it, while it’s draining your life energy. I reckon this is good for views on Spooktube, though, if the “cameraman doesn’t die” myth is real in this game.

How to Deal With Slime / Tardigrade / Goo in Content Warning

This creature reminds me of a Tardigrade, but it’s gooey, slimy, and transparent. It’s harmless in the sense that it will suck you in and carry you around, but it won’t directly kill you. It’s possible to evade it; just be aware of your surroundings and stay with the team so that you can be rescued if you get captured. Especially if you are the camera person. If you get captured, try to sprint away from the direction it’s moving in.

How to Deal With Snail Man / Snail Zombie in Content Warning

Probably one of the easiest enemies to deal with in the game. It’s a Zombie with the head (and the shell) of a snail. It walks slow; it’s easy to dodge, and believe it or not if you have a Boom Microphone in your crew, you can point the microphone at it and disallow it from moving further closer to you. It works just like that tool they use in Florida to capture crocodiles/alligators!

How to Deal With Spider in Content Warning

I would only advise you to stay away from the Spider as much as you can because it can shoot a web at you, which will seriously slow you down and allow the Spider to approach you and kill you. It’s possible to outrun the Spider if you do not get snared by its web, so in most cases, you should be fine.

How to Deal With Spinning Movie Tapes in Content Warning

A lot of times, you will see spinning circles that resemble movie tapes in the hallways of the Old World. If you touch them, you’ll lose a lot of health, so the best strategy is to be aware of them and not run into them by accident while running away from another monster.

How to Deal With The Eye in Content Warning

“The Eye” has three eyes, each covering 120 degrees around it. It’s a human-like creature with two legs and two arms, and it will be extremely agitated if you accidentally (or on purpose?) point a flashlight at it. Its eyes (pupils) will start moving, and that’s when you know that it’s over for you. It will kill you in three hits. But if you don’t point your flashlight at it, it’s not going to mess with you.

How to Deal With Van Gogh / Ear Robot in Content Warning

This robot looks like a mechanical spider that has a big human-like ear for a head. It will hear you and your teammates if you run, talk, or cause other noise, and it will start chasing you down. There is one funny way to drive it away from you: You should yell at it. So, what Lethal Company players believed scares Babboon Hawks, but in Content Warning, it works. It’s a good occasion to practice your death metal vocals, I reckon.

I hope this mini-encyclopedia will be helpful to you in your Content Warning runs. I invite you to jump into our Content Warning game hub, where you will find useful articles such as funny character face customizations, how to add more than four players to the lobby, how to convert your WebM clips into MP4, and more!

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