All Dungeon Locations and How to Find Them in Palworld

Dungeons allow you to challenge Alpha Pals and collect rarer resources in Palworld.

Character and Vanwyrm Cryst in front of dungeon entrance.
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Many dungeons are found throughout the Palpagos Islands. The home of Alpha Pals, these dungeons have rare resources waiting at the end. Here are all dungeon locations and how to find them in Palworld.

How to Find Dungeons in Palworld

There are two main types of dungeons found in Palworld. The first are those that spawn in the wild at specific locations with a timer signifying how long you have to clear it. You’ll often find them as a dark hole. Once done, the dark entrance will disappear, leaving an indent in the cliff, haphazard boarded planks, or tangled vines behind.

Character swimming in front of a closed dungeon location.
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There are 124 dungeon entrances throughout Palpagos Islands. While there are many entrances, most of them go to the same general dungeon layout that pulls from the same pool of enemies. When you approach the opening, the dungeon’s information will show. This includes the timer and level of the boss Pal.

Dungeon Types

  • Hillside Cavern: Level 13
  • Isolated Island Cavern: Level 13
  • Ravine Grotto: Level 19
  • Mountain Stream Grotto: Level 29
  • Cavern of the Dunes: Level 38
  • Volcanic Cavern: Level 40
  • Sacred Mountain Cavern: Level 45

All Dungeon Locations

Dungeon entrance map locations.
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There are:

  • 15 entrances in the Desiccated Desert
  • 15 entrances in the Astral Mountains
  • 15 entrances in Mount Obsidian
  • 15 entrances in the Windswept Hills
  • 15 entrances in the Bamboo Groves
  • 15 entrances in Moonless Shores
  • 8 entrances in the Frostbound Mountains
  • 7 entrances in the Verdant Brook
  • 6 entrances in the Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • 4 entrances on Eastern Wild Island
  • 3 entrances on Forgotten Island
  • 3 entrances on Ice Wind Island
  • 3 entrances on Marsh Island
Dungeon entrance map locations.
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The second dungeon type is related to sealed Alpha Pals. All sealed Pals are faced in a dungeon, though you don’t need to explore anything to find them. To enter these, walk to the altar space and stand in the blue circle. Confirm you want to teleport and poof, you’ll be there. Once the Alpha Pal is defeated, a timer will appear until you can challenge them again.

A total of 12 Sealed Realm Dungeons are in Palworld. The entrances show up where the Alpha Pal is marked on the map, with most of them located near a fast travel point named after the realm.

Sealed Realm dungeon map locations.
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Those are the locations of all 125 dungeon entrances, as well as the 12 Sacred Realm dungeons in Palworld. For more on finding Legendary Pals, Skill Fruit Trees, or what the fastest flyers are, crawl over to our guide vault.

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