All Escape from Tarkov Promo Codes (July 2023)

Get a helping hand surviving with promo codes.

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Escape from Tarkov is an extraction FPS where you play as a mercenary in the city of Tarkov. Plagued by war, swarmed by gangs and growing less safe by the day, you’re tasked with getting out of the city. Along with the FPS elements, there are MMO features alongside story-driven scenes. If you want to make it out, you’ll need fire power and a little luck, which comes in the form of promo codes to help you on the way.

Active Escape from Tarkov Codes

  • 1CLICKDRESSUP: CPC GE x1, Death Knight mask x1, MDR “Killtube” x1, Weapons case x1
  • S00NS00N: Keycard Holder x1, Lab Access Keycards x4, Medical Case x1, Injectors x5
  • PINEWOOD: .338 Lapua Magnum AP x20, MK-18 x1, Chekannaya 15 Apartment Key x1
  • TRAMBON: Level 6 Slick Armor x1, Level 5 Redut-M armor x1, Level 5 Osprey MK4A Armor x1, Armor Repair Kit x1
  • BARMALEY: RSh-12 Revolver x1, CR S0DS Revolver x1, Moonshine Bottle x1, Ammo Container x2, .357 Magnum HP x120, 12.7×55 mm PS12B x120

Expired Escape from Tarkov Codes

  • Kazam
  • SAVE 15% OFF
  • 20902FN362
  • 2008NMAP4STU
  • 23% OFF
  • 20% Cashback
  • 25% Off
  • 8A6E2D3A
  • SEMI40
  • pcnK2s.
  • WORK30

How to Redeem Escape from Tarkov Promotional Codes

Codes are meaningless if you don’t know how to redeem them. There are two methods and steps for both are rather straightforward.

Launcher Method

  • Open the game launcher
  • Navigate to the right-hand menu
  • Choose Activate Code
  • Enter the code and click activate

Website Method

  • Login to the official Escape from Tarkov website
  • Choose your profile
  • Select the Activate Promo Code button
  • Enter the chosen code and submit

When successfully redeemed, your items will appear in your in game messages for you to collect when you next start it. If a code doesn’t work, make sure it’s spelled correctly with the proper case. These codes have a variety of letters and numbers, so you may want to copy and paste directly into the code area. If you do this, ensure there’s no space at the end or beginning of the code as that can cause an error.

If everything looks good and you’re still not able to redeem the code, it either expired or was already claimed on your profile. For more help in Escape from Tarkov, check out the rest of our guides. You can also check out our other code lists for additional games you may play.

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