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All Firefly Forest Health and Stamina Upgrades in Astor: Blade of the Monolith

Here's are all health and stamina upgrade locations in the Firefly Forest.

The Firefly Forest has five hidden health and stamina upgrades for you to find. Unlike in most areas, you won’t come across them naturally, so let’s talk about their locations. Here are all Firefly Forest health and stamina upgrades in Astor: Blade of the Monolith.

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Firefly Forest Health and Stamina Upgrades Locations in Astor: Blade of the Monolith

First Upgrade

You’ll find the first, and all upgrades for that matter, in the open-ended valley of the Firefly Forest, which is accessible just a few minutes after you enter the level. To begin, start with the one on the left from the entrance to the valley. You’ll see some glowing platforms, so switch to your spirit form and climb up. There’ll be an upgrade on the left once you climb them.

Second Upgrade

For the second upgrade, go in the opposite direction, to the right of the valley entrance. You’ll see a dead end by a crumbled rock formation with swords sticking out of it. You can actually climb the rocks, and the next upgrade will be on the top platform.

Third Upgrade

The third upgrade is just above the stone cave where you get your first Construct. Go up the hill to the left of the cave, and you’ll reach a purple spectral gate. From here, go right by some trees and red orb crystals. Continue going forward until you reach the health upgrade.

How to Break the Stone Wall in the Firefly Forest in Astor: Blade of the Monolith

The final two upgrades are behind the stone wall with pulsating yellow veins, found on the left-most side of the Firefly Forest. You can only destroy this wall later once you get the Gauntlet weapon. You get this weapon once you go to the Mountains after Firefly, finish the mountains and the spider cave, and proceed to the Temple of Psyche. Just follow the main quest in the Temple of Psyche, and you’ll unlock the Gauntlets. Then, once you finish the Temple, you can replay the Firefly Forest level, break the stone wall using their basic attack, and find the remaining two upgrades beyond.

And that’s how to find all Firefly Forest health and stamina upgrades in Astor: Blade of the Monolith. For more Astor guides, check out our beginner tips.

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