All Harry Potter Magic Awakened Herbology Basics Answers: Cassandra Vole Quiz Guide

Here are all the answers to Cassandra's Herbology questions in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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Identifying the correct answers to Cassandra Vole’s quiz during Herbology Basics isn’t an easy task. Halfway through the Harry Potter Magic Awakened course, Professor Longbottom(!) will be called away on Bobtuber business. He leaves the class with the task of repotting his Venemous Tentacula pairs, and before being deemed worthy to team up with Cassandra, you’ll have a little exam full of questions about plants.

All Herbology Basics Questions in Harry Potter Magic Awakened: How to Team Up with Cassandra Vole

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Cassandra Vole only asks three questions during her exam, making it one of the easiest of all the classes at Hogwarts. And if you get these Herbology Basics answers right, you’ll be able to help her transplant the Venemous Tentacula. You’ll have to interact with her after each question to answer the next one.

  • What plant will cause uncontrollable laughter after ingestion?
    • Answer: Alihotsy Leaves
  • What plant would allow you to breathe underwater?
    • Answer: Gillyweed
  • Which ingredient is vital for brewing Skele-Gro?
    • Answer: Chinese Chomping Cabbage

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Once you’ve completed Cassandra Vole’s quiz, you’ll be asked to fetch some soil, during which you’ll be attacked by Gnomes in the Greenhouse. At the start of the fight, you’ll be given the Cassandra Companion card to help defeat them. After you’ve dealt with them, there will be another cutscene that finishes out the class story.

Those are all of the answers for Cassandra Vole’s quiz during Herbology Basics in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Luckily, her exam isn’t too long, even if the lore can be difficult to remember. For more tips and tricks, including the answers to the Muggle Studies exam and the best Echoes to pick, check out our HPMA guides hub.

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