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All Iron Locations in Bellwright — Iron Farming Guide

Here are all the Iron locations in Bellwright I found with some tips to farm it.

You’ll need plenty of Iron in Bellwright as you’re getting around the Tier 2 phase of base building and management. That said, it can be tricky to find early, but I’ve found all the major Iron locations for you. Here’s our Iron farming guide with all Iron locations in Bellwright.

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Bellwright Iron Locations Farming Guide

Iron appears as rusty rock deposits, and it’s mostly found in the southwest regions of the map around Horndean and Crasmere, but there are also some smaller deposits as you move south from Blackridge Pool. Below, I’ll show you all the Iron locations in Bellwright that I found in detail. Just be careful because some of them will be near Bandit Camps or have bandits patrolling the roads, so be ready for a potential fight.

I also need to point out that you’ll need the Tier 2 mining camp for NPC mining and refining and a Sturdy Pickaxe for manual mining. I would also make sure that the NPCs you hire around Horndean or Crasmere have STR 2 and some decent harvesting for the most effective Iron farming process.

Horndean Iron Locations

Horndean is one of the best locations for farming Iron, and you can find it in the southwest region of the map. I reached it by going south of Padstow and Blackridge Pool, but be careful of patrolling Bandit Camps. Look for deposits as in the picture above. There’ll be plenty of Iron in the marked locations, so I would build a Tier 2 camp in between them and hire NPCs from Horndean.

Crasmere Iron Locations

Crasmere is another decent location for some Iron, and it’s found east of Horndean or southeast of Blackridge Pool. Follow my path as in the picture to find several deposits of Iron. That said, there’s a lot of uneven terrain here unfit for camps, so it might be just for manual harvesting.

Blackridge Pool Locations

Lastly, there are several Iron ore deposits around Blackridge Pool. Mainly, I found the ones marked in the picture above. Bandits are roaming around the ones I marked on the bottom, and there’s a Bandit Camp you can clear out for some great access to Iron. All in all, feel free to look around all of the previously mentioned locations, and you’re sure to stumble upon more since areas around Horndean, Crasmere, and Blackridge are rich in Iron.

And that’s it for all Iron locations in Bellwright. For more Bellwright guides, check out all console commands in the game.

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