All Island Cave Locations in Ark: Survival Ascended

Caves hold resources and necessary Artifacts in Ark Survival Ascended.

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There are a number of places to explore on the Island from snowy peaks, to lava caves, all with their own unique challenges. With large amounts of loot and Artifacts within, here are all cave locations on the Island in Ark: Survival Ascended.

ASA Island Cave Entrance Locations

Artifact Caves

If you’re looking to beat any of the bosses on the Island, you’ll need to gather the Artifacts they require. These are found in 10 caves throughout the various regions, which each cave harboring one Artifact. The entrances are slightly different than in Ark: Survival Evolved, having shifted a small amount.

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Broodmother Artifact Caves

  • Central Cave: Artifact of the Clever
    • Located at: 40.2 LAT | 46.6 LON
  • Lower South Cave: Artifact of the Hunter
    • Located at: 85.3 LAT | 54.2 LON
  • Lava Cave: Artifact of the Massive
    • Located at: 74.1 LAT | 92.2 LON

Dragon Artifact Caves

  • North West Cave: Artifact of the Skylord
    • Located at: 14.1 LAT | 13.9 LON
  • Swamp Cave: Artifact of the Immune
    • Located at: 64.8 LAT | 35.1 LON
  • Snow Cave: Artifact of the Strong
    • Located at: 26 LAT | 29 LON
  • Caverns of Lost Hope: Artifact of the Cunning
    • Located at: 45.4 LAT | 95 LON

Megapithecus Artifact Caves

  • North East Cave: Artifact of the Devourer
    • Located at: 8.9 LAT | 91.3 LON
  • Upper South Cave: Artifact of the Pack
    • Located at: 71.3 LAT | 57.2 LON
  • Caverns of Lost Faith: Artifact of the Brute
    • Located at: 54.4 LAT | 3.9 LON
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Ark: Survival Ascended Resource Caves

All 12 resource cave entrances are found underwater. You’ll need to avoid water carnivores as well as have unlocked Engrams for breathing underwater. I had a hard time with some of these. Caverns contain a variety of loot, such as Silica Pearls, so it’s worth it. The coordinates used are based on ASE locations, but will get you in the general area for the entrance.

  1. 16 LAT |10.4 LON
  2. 10.2 LAT | 21.8 LON
  3. 10.5 LAT | 39.9 LON
  4. 8 LAT | 90.1 LON
  5. 36.2 LAT | 91.1 LON
  6. 50.1 LAT | 11.1 LON
  7. 52.8 LAT | 91.8 LON
  8. 83.3 LAT | 10 LON
  9. 90.9 LAT | 13.6 LON
  10. 90.1 LAT | 36.7 LON
  11. 90.7 LAT | 71.4 LON
  12. 87.1 LAT | 90.2 LON
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Tek Cave Location

The Tek Cave is the ultimate end game location. It’s where you battle the final boss and “ascend” if victorious. It’s a grueling, timed event that only the most prepared should access. The coordinates used are based on the ASE location. You want to head to the top of the volcano to find the entrance.

43.1 LAT | 39.1 LON

Those are all the cave locations on the Island in Ark: Survival Ascended. For resource locations, how to set up a dedicated server, or if ASA is on Gamepass, check out our guide vault.

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