It's time to Meet Your Maker and earn your trophies and achievements!

All Meet Your Maker Trophies and Achievements List

It's time to Meet Your Maker and earn your trophies and achievements!

Meet Your Maker, the base-building FPS with a creepy alien overlord, has a bevy of trophies and achievements to unlock for those willing to face deceptive traps and a terrifying Harvester. From Behaviour Interactive, the game puts an awesome spin on infiltration mechanics, where you’re a one-man army vs dozens of nefarious player creations.

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How Many Trophies and Achievements are in Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker has 44 trophies, including one platinum, 30 bronze, 10 silver, and three gold. That means there are 43 achievements as well. You’ll have your work cut out for you in Meet Your Maker.

No matter how you toss it, to earn these trophies and achievements, you’ll have to play online and grind. Some, like Up and At’m, require you to play online co-op. Others, like Raid Master, simply come with time. Still some, like The Floor is Lava, may pop accidentally. 

We’ve collected all of the criteria for the trophies and achievements below, including the hidden ones, which we’ve put in their own section to try and avoid spoilers. 

Meet Your Maker: Full List of Trophies and How to Earn Them

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  • The Grand Custodian: Earn all trophies (PlayStation Platinum)
  • Feed the Beast: Reach level two with the Chimera
  • Raid and Deliver: Escape an Outpost with GenMat for the first time
  • Fully Loaded: Fully upgrade a ranged weapon
  • Up Close and Personal: Fully upgrade a melee weapon
  • On Guard: Fully upgrade a defensive weapon
  • All the Trappings: Purchase 4 mods
  • Genetic Engineering: Purchase 7 augmentations
  • Dress for Success: Fully upgrade 1 suit
  • BOOM!: Destroy 3 traps and/or guards with a single Blast Grenade
  • Trail of Destruction: Destroy 3 traps and guards within 1.5 seconds
  • Up and At’m: Revive fellow Custodians 5 times in co-op
  • Deadshot: Perform 10 headshots
  • Partners in Crime: Successfully steal GenMat and escape a raid in co-op
  • Meet Another Maker: Activate your Outpost with a co-op partner
  • So It Begins: Activate your first Outpost
  • Monument of Death: Prestige an Outpost
  • Knowledge is Power: Watch 1 replay
  • Excavator: Destroy 15 Forsaken Tombs
  • Life of the Party: Grant 20 Fun Accolades
  • No Quarter: Grant 20 Brutal Accolades
  • Killer Brains: Grant 20 Ingenious Accolades
  • You Belong in a Museum: Grant 20 Artistic Accolades
  • Raider’s Pilgrimage: Complete a progression track on the Raid Map
  • Transcendental: Activate a Rank 1 Boost three times
  • Overclocked: Activate a Rank 2 Boost twice
  • Higher Power: Activate a Rank 3 Boost
  • Path of the Chimera: Reach the Chimera’s maximum weekly tribute level
  • Armed and Dangerous: Reach level 10 with the Weapons Advisor
  • Quartermaster: Reach level 10 with the Hardware Advisor
  • Suit Up!: Reach level 10 with the Suits Advisor
  • Creature Comforts: Reach Level 10 with the Guards Advisor
  • Deathtrap: Reach level 10 with the Traps Advisor
  • GenMat Defender: Activate 10 Outposts
  • Wonder o the Wasteland: Reach maximum Prestige on an Outpost
  • Critical Acclaim: Grant 100 Accolades to other builders
  • Wasteland Engineering: Craft Hardware 100 times
  • Raid Master: Successfully steal GenMat and escape 50 raids
  • Slaughterhouse: View 50 Skull Stones in your Outposts
  • Lord of the Wastes: Activate 25 Outposts

Hidden Trophies and Achievements

  • Give It Your All: Process all 5 Advisors at once.
  • Unlimited Power!: Boost all five Advisors at the same time.
  • No Quarrel With You: Complete 20 raids with the enemy Harvester still alive.
  • The Floor is Lava: Don’t touch the ground for 60 seconds.

Those are all of the trophies and achievements for Meet Your Maker. If you’d like help with some of the challenges above, head over to our Meet Your Maker guides page. Godspeed on your hunts!

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