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All Palworld Achievements on Steam and Xbox

Here are all the achievements available for Palworld, which can help you decide how you want to play.

Even during Palworld’s Early Access, there are achievements to aim for while building your base, hatching eggs, or exploring dungeons. Some involve catching Pals, and others mean beating Syndicate members. I’ve listed all the Palworld achievements for Steam and Xbox below.

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All Palworld Achievements and How to Get Them on Steam and Xbox

Currently, there are 10 Palworld achievements to get on both Xbox and Steam. They’re separated into two categories: catching Pals and defeating high-ranking Syndicate members in towers. On Xbox, completing all objectives earns you 1,000 Gamerscore.

Since Palworld is in EA, more achievements should be added as new content becomes available or when the title fully launches.

  • Beginning of the Legend: Caught first Pal
  • Newbie Pal Tamer: Caught 10 kinds of Pals
  • Intermediate Pal Tamer: Caught 20 kinds of Pals
  • Skilled Pal Tamer: Caught 50 kinds of Pals
  • Seasoned Pal Tamer: Caught 90 kinds of Pals
  • Hillside Sovereign: Defeated Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Snowfall Sovereign: Defeated Lily and Lyleen
  • Volcano Sovereign: Defeated Axel and Orserk
  • Desert Sovereign: Defeated Marcus and Faleris
  • Astral Sovereign: Defeated Victor and Shadowbeak
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What are the Hardest Palworld Achievements?

From the Steam global numbers, the hardest Palworld achievements are the later Syndicate boss fights, with only 2.2% of players beating Victor and Shadowbeak. Only 2.3% of tamers have defeated Marcus, while Axel was a smidge higher at 2.9%. The hardest Pal-focused achievement is catching 90 different Pal species, coming in at 5.3% of people keeping them in a Pal Sphere.

The game has only been out for a short amount of time, so it makes sense that objectives based on the end game have lower completion percentages. I know I’ve only earned three achievements since I’ve focused on exploring the various islands instead of fighting.

Those are all the current Palworld achievements on PC (Steam) and Xbox. For tips on finding the different Syndicate towers or where to find special Pals, check out our guides deck.

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