Three different masks in Soulmask
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All Soulmask Masks & Where to Get Them

Why have one mask when you can have many?

Besides the few masks you can choose during character creation in Soulmask, there are plenty of others you’ll come across in the world as you explore. These masks, just like the starting ones, have their own particular strengths. Here’s where to track them all down.

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All Masks & Their Stats in Soulmask

There are more than just three masks in Soulmask, but unlike the starter masks, you’ll have to do some work to collect the others. They are scattered all around the map throughout the biomes. Having these alternative masks will provide you with new stats and strengths. Here’s a look at all the masks and their stats:

MaskAbility FocusSolar Conversion EffeciencyStandby Energy ConsumptionRed Crystal Slot Limit Deterrence Strength Base Energy Node Capacity
Torch of EternityDefense32322
Nature EnlightenmentBeasts-Taming44323
Wilderness MarkHunting
Tactical GuidanceTribesmens-Control42324
Ironblood GuardCombat
Shadow WalkerCombat

All the masks have their own strengths, but you should prioritize finding the masks that suit your play style. If you prefer to hone in on your combat skills, you’ll want to try and find a mask with abilities that will assist you in combat, like the Shadow Walker or Ironblood Guard.

Now that you know what all the masks are and their basic stats, you can work on tracking them down around the map.

Soulmask All Mask Locations — Map

As mentioned before, the masks are scattered around the map in different biomes. You’ll find them mostly in dungeons and holy ruins. Whether you find them in these exact locations is by chance since there is no guarantee they drop every time.

These are the confirmed locations where they have dropped before and where they map drop for you:

  • Torch of Eternity – Holy Ruins: Northwest of Saber-Toothed Predator Ancient Pyramid.
  • Nature Enlightenment – Dungeon: North of the FogFrog Ancient Pyramid.
  • Shadow Walker – Holy Ruins: West of the Vajra Ape Ancient Pyramid.
  • Ironblood Guard – Dungeon: Northwest of Vajra Ape Ancient Pyramid.
  • Wilderness Mask – Holy Ruins: West of Barbarian Flint Fortress.
  • Tactical Guidance – Holy Ruins: Northwest of Tempest Griffin Ancient Pyramid.
  • Ironblood Guard/Wilderness Mask – Dungeon: Southwest of Mammoth Ancient Pyramid.
  • Explorer – Holy Ruins: Northwest of Mammoth Ancient Pyramid.

At these locations, you’ll want to loot any chests you come across and, most importantly, kill any Plunderer leaders. You can get some really great loot alongside the potential new mask. If the mask is broken, you may need to repair it before you can use it.

Once you have other masks, you can choose to switch to them to utilize their abilities and stats instead. Each one also has its own special customizations that you can adjust on a Decor Table. Try to collect them all as you progress through the game!

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