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Soulmask Character Creation — What Mask Should You Choose?

Not sure how to get started? Here are all the details you need to know!

Before jumping into the epic survival game experience of Soulmask, you’ll need to make one of the most important decisions — what mask to begin with. Your mask determines what kind of warrior and survivor you will be with its bonus skills. So, what’s the best choice for you? Here’s all the information you need.

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Best Starting Mask Choices in Soulmask

Currently, in the game, there are three different masks to choose from: Civilization, Conquest, and Rich. Each of the masks has different bonus skills and traits that you will receive when you pick them. All masks can be leveled up and earn new bonuses as you progress through the game, opening new opportunities. However, the ones that you choose at the start will be the foundation for what kinda of build you want to form your character into.

You’ll remain with this mask for the game’s entirety on that current server. If you want to switch things up, you can always start a new server and make a fresh character. If you’re not sure what kind of build you want to go with, here are the skills and benefits of each:


Soulmask character creation starting mask Civilization
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The Civilization mask is prime for all basic survival needs: building, crafting, and defense. When playing multiplayer, it’s good to have at least one player of your tribe with this mask for a more supportive build that can focus on your camp upkeep.

However, this is also perfect for a more casual experience in general. If you want to take your time to build an epic base and explore rather than charge into battle all the time, I’d go with this mask. You’ll be able to carry more items, have more stamina to get around, and keep your morale high. Plus, you’ll have more defense, so you don’t have to worry about being the aggressor.

Civilization Bonus Skills

Common OverclockUpgrade Speed +50%
Stamina SurgeStamina +5%, Max Load +10%
Deep SleepMorale Recovery Speed +50%
Critical BarrierDMG to Head -10%
Sequence ProtectionDefense +10%
Healer ModeRecover HP +5 every 10 seconds
(Press V to activate)


Soulmask character creation, starting mask Conquest
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Conquest is the complete opposite type of build from Civilization. The focus of this mask has everything to do with combat. If you want to take on a more aggressive approach to survival, taking out any barbarian or enemy players that you come across, this is the build for you.

With Conquest, you can gain more XP when battling humanoid enemies and gain bonus traits in stealth. The best bonus out of all of them is the Lifesteal, allowing you to damage your opponents and gain some health back. You’ll be the ultimate assassin and most likely the main warrior of your tribe.

Conquest Bonus Skills

Common OverclockUpgrade Speed +50%
Falling BarrierFall DMG -10%
Noise AbsorptionNoise -10%
Forbidden Territory+5% EXP when killing humanoid creatures
Light DisturbanceConcealment +10%
Hidden Assault+10% DMG when behind the target
Slayer Mode1.5% Lifesteal on hit
(Press V to activate)


Soulmask character creation starting mask Rich
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The Rich mask is a nice mix of both life skills and combat. It allows you to gain increased awareness with better accuracy in your Life’s Perception scan. This way, you always know what’s going on around you. You’ll also have increased Stamina, like the Civilization mask, so you can explore faster and longer. At the same time, your main focus will be hunting skills.

The Rich mask is all about bonuses in killing animals, specifically with bows. You’ll have increased damage to animals and gain more XP from non-humanoid creatures. Plus, your arrows will have better precision than normal. Your ultimate mode will increase that bow skill even more. You’ll be the main provider for your camp when it comes to food and animal materials.

Rich Bonus Skills

Common OverclockUpgrade Speed +50%
Data AnalysisOptimizes accuracy of Life’s Perception
Projectile AdjustmentArrow precision +10%
Hunting Guide+5 % Awareness XP from killing non-humanoids
Poison Injection+30% DMG to animals
Deeply FocusedStamina cost -5%
Sniping ModeDMG with bows +15%
(Press V to activate)

All the masks have beneficial strengths. Plus, you’ll earn more abilities and bonuses as you repair and upgrade them. You can always start a new server and try out one of the others to get a feel for all of them. More masks may be added in future updates as well, so stay tuned.

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