All Warp Trotter Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Wondering where to find all of the Warp Trotter locations in Honkai Star Rail? Here's where to look for the celestial piggies.

Wondering where to find all of the Warp Trotter locations in Honkai Star Rail? Here's where to look for the celestial piggies.

Warp Trotters are adorable space pigs that appear in the world of Honkai Star Rail alongside other monsters. Defeating them can earn you a couple of achievements, and while you may happen upon them randomly, there’s a rhyme to their reason. To help you find them, here’s the complete list of current Warp Trotter locations Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Warp Trotters Explained

Warp Trotters can be found on each map in HSR. You’ll start to see them when you get to Jarilo-VI, but I found that their white upper body can cause them to blend into the snow, so keep an eye out. Anecdotally, I first started noticing them when I returned to the Herta Space Station when my Trailblazer level was too low to continue in the main story.

Warp Trotters can be ambushed, and you’ll need to engage them quickly, as they’ll run away if you approach them slowly. Once engaged, they’ll appear with other enemies and become Scared, cowering in fear of the battle going on around them.

When Warp Trotters enter the Ready-to-Run status, they lose all weaknesses. The next turn, they’ll flee from battle, disappearing into a golden portal. To “capture” a Warp Trotter, you’ll need to defeat it before it flees.

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Herta Space Station Warp Trotter Locations

There are three Warp Trotters in the Herta Space Station.

  • Base Zone: The Warp Trotter in this zone is found in the left corridor off of the main chamber.
  • Storage Zone: Teleport to the leftmost Space Anchor. Go south, then head into the first set of rooms you come across.
  • Supply Zone: Teleport the Space Anchor on the left side of the map. Go to the set of rooms where you find an Unearthly Marvel.

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Jarilo-VI Warp Trotter Locations

Eight Warp Trotters can be found throughout the various cities and snowscapes of Jarilo-VI.

  • Outlying Snow Plains: This will be the first Warp Trotter you encounter after landing on the planet. It’s around the bend from the Space Anchor, hidden behind the rock outcrop on the right.
  • Backwater Pass: You’ll be able to find this Warp Trotter in the corrupted area of Balobog after you progress through part of the main story. Use the Leisure Plaza Space Anchor in the center of the map, then head south. Unlock the gate and ambush it.
  • Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone: You’ll encounter the Warp Trotter near the Energy Construct you had to repair during the main story.
  • Great Mine: You’ll find this Warp Trotter near the entrance of the Great Mine, as well as on your way out it during the main story. It’ll be in an offshoot of the previously sectioned-off area.
  • Corridor of Fading Echoes: Head southwest from the Space Anchor.
  • Everwinter Hill: You’ll find the Warp Trotter on your way to the Cavern of Corrosion as you progress the main story.
  • Rivet Town: Head to the southeastern alleyways and take care to avoid the Formidable Foe that’s in the same area as the Warp Trotter.
  • Robot Settlement: Look near Svarog and Clara in the southeastern area of the Robot Settlement.

Xianzhou Luofu Warp Trotter Locations

There’s a total of four Warp Trotters to find on the Xianzhou Luofu.

  • Cloudford: Head to the Northern Space Anchor, then go down the top right corridor.
  • Divination Commission: Head to where the Hexanexus puzzle is to find the Warp Trotter here.
  • Artisanship Commission: While you can find the Warp Trotter in the Southeastern portion of the map, you’ll need to progress through the main story to gain access to the area.
  • Stargazer Navalia: You won’t be able to access the locked room this Warp Trotter hides in during your first sweep of Stargazer Navalia. You’ll need to return to this section via the central Space Anchor the head East to unlock the door.

Those are all the current Warp Trotter locations in Honkai Star Rail. As more areas become unlocked or added to the game, we’ll be sure to update this list to keep it current. For more location help, as well as builds, character ultimate, and more, check out our growing Honkai Star Rail guides hub. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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