Angry Birds Epic Guide: 5 Tips On How to Get 3 Stars Every Time

Getting 3 stars gets you extra loot and a great feeling of satisfaction. Here are some ways to make sure you get the best rewards possible!

Getting 3 stars gets you extra loot and a great feeling of satisfaction. Here are some ways to make sure you get the best rewards possible!

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It is certainly possible to continue playing through Angry Birds Epic having only achieved 1 or 2 stars per battle,  but it is infinitely more satisfying to leave an unbroken trail of 3-star wins behind you as you progress through the game. Furthermore, the more stars you get per battle, the more rewards you get in your final loot spin after each battle which are important in crafting or upgrading your gear and brewing better potions.

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I won’t lie, getting 3 stars after each battle is not always as easy as it seems – particularly when it comes to the Golden Pig daily battle, and certain castle battles which contain 5 waves of different enemies. 

Of course, not every battle will be a super-hard boss battle. Here are five things you should know about how to get 3 stars in all your Angry Birds Epic battles, both easy and hard!

1. Know what it takes to get a good star rating.

What Angry Birds Epic doesn’t explain very clearly (this tip shows up at random on a loading screen) is that the star rating you get for finishing a battle is determined by how long you take to finish a battle and how much health you have at the end of the battle.

The difficult part is that you mostly have no idea what counts as “just enough time” or “having enough health.” 

In certain multi-wave battles, it is usually in your best interests not to just keep attacking with all your birds just to try and race to the finish line. In multi-wave battles, the game is a little more lenient on how many turns you take and how much health you have at the end.

2. Use birds with higher attacks in regular battles.

When playing regular battles against the regular Pig enemies, use your harder-hitting birds to kill enemies faster and in fewer turns. If you have the Golden Chili, it will give you a full Rage Chili right at the beginning of the battle. Use it right away to help cut down as much of your enemies’ health as possible before they have a chance to hit you and deplete some of your Chili bar.  

High-attack birds like Bomb (black) and the Blues (blue) are good to have to clear quick battles with common Pigs. 

2. Swap out characters if you are having trouble. 

Of course, not all battles involve regular Pigs. Many of them include Pigs with certain powers and passive abilities that means just hitting them hard won’t do the trick.

Usually these pop up in multi-wave battles, but they can appear everywhere. Sometimes these enemies are so tricky, you simply can’t beat them with your current party. Don’t worry about losing and don’t waste Lucky Coins to revive your birds! Take your consolation prize which will take you back to the main map, then tap into the battle again. You will be able to reorganize which birds go into your party.

In battles against the Pig Prince, for example, he has an exceptionally annoying Passive Ability where he can dodge any high-strength attack. You can find him in battles like Southern Sea Level 3, where you get the Yellow Key.

For these battles, remember to swap out hard-hitting characters like Bomb in favor of Chuck (yellow bird) who does low damage but can attack all enemies at once and whose Rage Chili power will cause 5 attacks from random birds against the enemy. 

3. Keep your birds healthy!

You can certainly ply your birds with potions, but these potions take a lot of different ingredients to make, and you won’t always be lucky enough to roll three stars while making them. Giving your birds potions also uses up a turn and delays how long the battle will take.

Red Bird‘s party ability, depending on your headgear, guards your party so that they take less damageThis is handy to keep your health up, particularly against 2-turn spellcasters like the Pig Magicians.

Matilda (the white healing bird) is a good character to have because she deals medium attack damage, and depending on what headgear she is wearing, can either heal your party whenever she hits an enemy, or help deal extra damage over time. Keeping your party’s health high gives you extra points for your final star score.

4. Swap out your gear if you are having trouble!

What is important to remember is that if you are having trouble with your characters in battle, it is always possible to go back and change their weapons or their headgear

Many of the benefits of certain weapons/armor have to do with certain extra abilities moreso than their main attack/defense power. For example, in battles against a single enemy, a different weapon that does extra damage to the same enemy will be more useful than one that does chain attacks.

In Matilda’s case, her Druid headgear allows her to heal a single target with each turn, but in certain battles, it is more beneficial to simply wear her default headgear and attack the enemy so that extra healing is done to the entire party. 

5. If you are getting frustrated, just come back later.

Especially for some boss battles, it can be extremely frustrating to realize that no matter how many different times or ways you try to beat it, you simply can’t do it with what you have.

At times like these, it is often easier just to forget the battle for now, take your 1- or 2-star rating and leave it. 

These battles do not necessarily get easier as you keep playing because their difficulty levels level up in the same way as your characters. However, with better gear or purchased items, it is possible to come back for better scores and a higher star rating if you couldn’t get it the first time.

If you are having trouble crafting good items, remember to keep up with your free daily Golden Pig Machine spins from your friends, or save up enough Lucky Coins for better spins and an upgraded Golden Anvil

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