From bringing in new stock to earning gold and leveling up existing birds, eggs are everything in Angry Birds Evolution!

Angry Birds Evolution Guide to Egg Farming

From bringing in new stock to earning gold and leveling up existing birds, eggs are everything in Angry Birds Evolution!

While the focus is still on aiming and bouncing different types of birds, Angry Birds Evolution sees big changes to the usual formula — including a new viewpoint, fresh level schemes, and various RPG elements like leveling your birds.

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Like many freemium RPG style games, each character has a star rating, and you will always be on the hunt for higher star birds to add to your lineup. 1 and 2 star birds are dime a dozen, with 3, 4, and 5 star birds being the coveted characters you want to have in your roster.

To get those rarer birds (without laying down the cash anyway), you’ll have to hatch a whole bunch of eggs… and that means egg farming!

Other than dropping a bunch of money on a time-wasting game full of enraged avians, there are really only two things you need to do to effectively farm eggs, which I’ll explain in detail below.

 Earning Egg Rewards

How to Farm Eggs in Angry Birds Evolution

Step 1: Change Your Difficulty

First and foremost, when getting ready to farm for eggs, make sure you set the difficulty for the current level to normal. On higher difficulties like hard (unlocked at level 8) and insane (unlocked at level 12), the chance of getting chests instead of eggs increases.

While chest loot is nice, you really want eggs — so let’s avoid that higher chance of other loot by keeping the difficulty on normal. However, you should note that you are slightly less likely to get rare eggs on normal, so there’s a trade-off there. But it can be offset by in-game events (see below for more info).

 Changing Level Difficulty

Step 2: Use Quick Battle

After changing the difficulty, you need to tackle the most important task for egg farming: unlocking the Quick Battle ability. This nifty feature becomes available after reaching level 10, and is a massive time saver.

With Quick Battle, you don’t have to actually play every level — and in most cases, you will automatically win and collect your earnings. (Just remember that you can’t skip story segment battles with the Quick Battle feature.)

Of course, there is a catch. Quick Battle is only useful if your team power exceeds the team power of the opponents in the level. Just a quick eyeballing of the power levels will tell you whether you are going to win or not. In most cases, having a team power any amount higher than the enemy — even a single point — will result in a win. So you can grind tons of levels and collect eggs without having to sink a whole lot of time into doing so.

Team power is another important reason to stay on normal mode. Enemy team power goes up drastically in hard and insane modes, meaning you will have to put a lot more work into beefing up your existing roster to grind away for eggs on harder difficulties.

What To Do With All Those Eggs

There’s an important element you can’t forget when egg farming: you have a maximum bird inventory. It can be upgraded, but eventually you will hit an upper limit anyway. Any eggs you hatch when the inventory is full go into the mailbox — where they only stay for a short amount of time before being deleted. 

Always make sure to sell excess birds you don’t need for extra gold and make more room in your inventory for higher star birds hatched down the line. You can also convert extra birds to experience points (which also costs gold) for leveling up your existing birds and creating a more powerful team.

Finally, you may want to wait to hatch all your farmed eggs until the right global game event is in place. These rotate out and aren’t always in effect, but if you are patient you can get significantly better rewards than normal. For instance, the Get Powerful Birds event increases the chances that you will get one of those ultra rare (and ultra awesome) 4 or 5 star birds that can drastically change how the game plays going forward. 

     Waiting For The Right Event

Have fun grinding away for eggs with Quick Battle! Need help with anything else still in the game? Check out the rest of our Angry Birds Evolution guides to learn all the insider secrets for the game, from getting shiny birds with bonus abilities to quickly earning gold coins.

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