Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough: Using One Bird = Three Stars

Ready for a new way to play Angry Birds? Try playing with just one bird.

Ready for a new way to play Angry Birds? Try playing with just one bird.
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I love to play Angry Birds. I started out playing Angry Birds Seasons when I purchased my first iPad two years ago. At the time I was an avid Call of Duty player spending untold hours, (totaling days) playing the game. I still play, only occasionally now, since I was introduced to Angry Birds by my son.

Ready for a New Angry Birds Challenge?

Playing through Rio, Space and now Star Wars I realized:

1) Getting three stars in Angry Birds with multiple birds was fun.

2) Getting three stars with one bird was like solving a puzzle to me. A fantastic puzzle. You know, like when you first get a 1,000 piece picture puzzle, and you try to find all the straight edges to frame the image first, then separate the colors, and then you look at the shape of the pieces to fill in the puzzle. That kind of puzzle.

How to Win with Just One Bird

On each new level I play, the first thing I do is look at two things:

  1. The height and length of the playing field
  2. The bird that I will have to work with

This will frame the picture for me.

I then look at surfaces: are they stone and steel, wood and glass, tall and short? This will tell me the parameters inside the playing field that I have to work on.

Then it’s a matter of seeing how much damage I can do by finding the right angle or the right surface to get more range and destructive power out of the bird than you would expect .

The puzzle is complete when I have left the fewest amount of pieces on the field that one bird couldn’t destroy.  The end result is typicality a fairly high score and great satisfaction!

Here’s the Walkthroughs

I have gathered all of the one bird strategies for the Angry Birds: Star Wars levels where I was able to solve the stage with a single bird. I am sure there are solutions to some of the levels  that I missed – let me know if you complete the puzzle on some of those and give me a challenge to complete others.  

There are still a few that I am working on that have stumped me so far, and when (if) I solve them I will post them here. I am also working on the Golden Droid bonus levels and will post those also in the next few days.

I completed the Boba Fett Missions using all One Angry Bird solutions yesterday. Have patience with B-10, it’s worth the wait.

The List of One Bird 3 Star Walkthrough

Boba Fett

Angry Bird Star Wars B-1

Angry Bird Star Wars B-2

Angry Bird Star Wars B-3

Angry Bird Star Wars B-4

Angry Bird Star Wars B-5

Angry Bird Star Wars B-6

Angry Bird Star Wars B-7

Angry Bird Star Wars B-8

Angry Bird Star Wars B-9

Angry Bird Star Wars B-10

Cloud City

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-1

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-2

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-3

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-5

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-6

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-8

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-9

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-10

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-11

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-12

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-13

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-16

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-17

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-18

Angry Birds Star Wars 4-19


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