Animal Crossing May Day Maze Guide: How to Get Through It

Stuck getting through the Animal Crossing May Day maze? Make it through in one go with our handy guide.

Stuck getting through the Animal Crossing May Day maze? Make it through in one go with our handy guide.
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It’s time for the Animal Crossing May Day event in New Horizons. From now until May 7, you can take a trip to a special island courtesy of Tom Nook and take part in the festivities, including a short little maze.

Our Animal Crossing May Day maze guide is here to take you through the Animal Crossing maze step by step.

Animal Crossing May Day Maze Guide: How to Get Through It

How to Start the Animal Crossing May Day Event

In the day’s announcements, Isabelle tells you to stop by Resident Services and chat with Tom Nook for information about the holiday. Go do that, and Nook tells you he’s left a special ticket for you at the island’s airport that you can use anytime from now until May  7.

Chat with the airport attendant, and he’ll tell you what to select when you’re ready to fly. Note that you can’t take anything with you when you go, but you’ll get everything back when you return.

How to Get Through the Animal Crossing May Day Maze

Once you land on the island, Wilbur explains how the maze works. You’ll have to use whatever you find to make it through, but if you mess up, you can use the Rescue Service to start again (but you won’t mess up because you’re reading this guide.)

First, grab the shovel in front of you. Dig up the azalea bushes to the right. That opens a handy way back to the plane once you’ve finished. Next: eat a peach, dig up the tree in front of you, and follow the path to the back.

Go left. Follow the path around to the three holes. Jump over the middle hole, and you’ll find a Worn Axe. You only get three hits with the axe, so don’t waste it.

Head back where you came from and chop the tree in front of the two peaches. Your axe breaks, but it’s okay. You’re on the way to a new one.

Go back to the fork and take the right path this time.

Eat one of the peaches, and bust the stone blocking the way. Grab the two recipes if you never learned the Axe and Flimsy Axe DIY recipes before, then eat the other peach and dig up the tree.

This gives you access to the crafting table. You can make a Flimsy Axe, hooray! Except it’s pointless by itself. You need an Iron Nugget, but the rocks here don’t give up treasure.

So, head back to the spot where you could choose three holes to jump over, and jump the left one. Eat your remaining peach (or whatever fruit you get) and bust the rock so you can grab the Nugget.

Go back and make the regular axe. Now, work your way back through the areas you couldn’t reach before. Make sure you grab all the fruit you find, as you’ll need it to get the Bell vouchers lying around.

By now, you’re out of the maze! Rover’s waiting for you, but you’ll need to dig up the bushes if you want cold, hard cash.

Then get rid of the other obstacles and work your way around the back, stony beach, all the way down the left side of the maze, until you get to the little corner in the bottom left.

Chow some fruit, bust some rocks, and take those sweet, sweet vouchers. You should have nine total now, and after you speak with Rover, you’re ready to head home.

The airport gives you back whatever you had in your pockets before you left, and mails the stuff you nabbed on the island (including what you got from Rover). You can go speak with Tom Nook about the experience if you want, but it isn’t required.

And that’s all you need to know about the Animal Crossing May Day maze. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides, and be sure to check out our other New Horizons guides too, including:


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