Apex Legends Glitches: Unlimited Ammo, Flying, and More

Here are some of the biggest glitches and hacks that will help you get more wins in Apex Legends.

Here are some of the biggest glitches and hacks that will help you get more wins in Apex Legends.

New games will always have a number of glitches that players can utilize. So is the case with Apex Legends that has just recently been released for free. It has immediately gained a huge popularity, but many players have also found ways of exploiting its weaknesses.

Here you will learn about some of the biggest glitches and hacks that will help you get more wins. These glitches have been tested on PC platform only, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to replicate these tricks on consoles.

There are some, however, like an infinite XP glitch, this short list won’t cover because no one wants to be that guy. 

Infinite Flying Glitch

It is no secret that you can use jetpacks in Apex Legends to propel yourself into the air, but what if you could exploit this mechanic to actually fly as long as you want? Well, there is a glitch in the game that allows you to do exactly that. All it requires is a proper sequence of buttons you press.

  1. When you’re on the ground, go up the balloon.
  2. Hold “Freelook” button and be ready to deploy your parachute.
  3. But instead of opening a chute, press and hold your grenade button.
  4. Now use your mouse scrollwheel to go up (scroll up).

In this way you will keep flying as long as you will hold the grenade button and scroll up everytime you approach the ground. It’s a really easy trick that everyone should be able to use.

Nonstop Shooting Glitch

One of the biggest issues players experience in Apex Legends is the shooting lag, which happens everytime they reload or change a weapon. Fortunately, there is a glitch in the game that allows you to override this lag and keep shooting even when you’re switching your weapons.

Here is a simple two-step instruction on how to achieve this effect:

  1. As soon as you’re approaching an empty magazine keep shooting and press the crouch button.
  2. While shooting and holding crouch switch your weapon.

In the crouch position you will experience absolutely no lag whatsoever while shooting and switching weapons. Your weapon will switch and the shooting will continue with no delay, which is quite nice.

Unlimited Legendary Ammo Glitch

Legendary weapons in Apex Legends are truly amazing. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find ammo for them, so at one point you find yourself out of ammo pretty soon after getting the Mastiff or Kraber from the airdrops.

But it looks like there is a simple exploit in the game that allows your legendary weapons to never be out of ammo. Here’s how you do it and remember this glitch only works on legendary weapons:

  1. Empty your magazine of all but one bullet.
  2. Open the switch weapons menu.
  3. Switch your weapons.
  4. Put the legendary weapon of your choice back in your main slot.

You will notice that your magazine is now back to being full. The only condition you must follow is that you should have at least one bullet left in your weapon. Otherwise, this glitch won’t work anymore.

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