How to Self Revive in Apex Legends

Learn how to self revive using our step-by-step guide to Apex Legends and knockdown shields.

There are several ways how players can revive their teammates in Apex Legends. But what do you do if you got downed and there is no one around to bring you back to life?

There is actually one way to self revive, but it's a rare opportunity. If you want to know how to do it, then follow two easy steps described in our quick guide to Apex Legends below.

Step 1: Find Legendary Knockdown Shield

What is a Knockdown Shield? It's one of the most useful pieces of gear in the game. It allows you to protect yourself with an energy shield in case you get downed.

When you are under the protective energy shield, enemy players can do no damage to you and thus can't kill you. There are four types of Knockdown Shields in Apex Legends:

  • White Knockdown Shield: 100 HP
  • Blue Knockdown Shield: 500 HP
  • Purple Knockdown Shield: 750 HP
  • Golden Knockdown Shield: 750 HP + Resurrection

The golden variant of the Knockdown Shield has a passive ability called Resurrection that allows you to self revive once during the match-up.

Unfortunately, the golden version is extremely rare. You can find it only in top-tier airdrops or loot from a downed player, who had an unused Knockdown Shield.

Step 2: Self Revive

If you managed to obtain the Legendary Knockdown Shield and you got downed, all you need to do is to activate the shield by pressing the fire button (LMB on PC, R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One).

The self revive process will begin immediately and will take up to 15 seconds. When this ability is used once, the shield cannot be used for another self revival.


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Published Feb. 13th 2019

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