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Apex Legends Halloween Event 2023 Guide

Find all the details about the 2023 Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event here.

Apex Legends is bringing the scares for the annual Fight or Fright event. The limited-time Halloween festivities bring Legendary cosmetics and a new game mode to dive into. Here, you’ll find our full guide on the 2023 Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event.

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Apex Legends Halloween Event 2023 Guide

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event runs from October 22 to November 3 and brings you plenty of spooktastic things to discover. The unique cosmetics will rotate in the shop weekly, so be sure to check it throughout the event.

Apex Fight or Fright Event 2023 Details

  • Shadow Royale Limited Time Mode
    • This spooky Trios mode takes place in an alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex Games on Kings Canyon After Dark. When you die in a match, you’ll be raised from the dead in a “Shadow Form,” so you can exact vengeance on your killer or wreak havoc on their squad until the end of the match. The Shadow Form is equipped with a strong melee attack, enhanced mobility, and speed.
  • New Cosmetics
    • New skins for Loba and Revenant.
  • Returning Cosmetics
    • Reimagining of the Wicked Harvest Bloodhound and Sweet Dreams Caustic skins.
    • All 24 of last year’s Halloween event items will appear in the shop throughout the event, rotating weekly.
      • October 22 — October 27: Tortured Souls Bundle (6,000 Coins), Dark Humor Bundle (4,000 Coins), Prince of Darkness Bundle (2,500 Coins), Queens of the Night Bundle (1,500 Coins).
      • October 22 — October 26: Old Town Mirage (1,260 Coins), Pumpkin Parlor Longbow (700 Coins), Hallows Eve Flatline (700 Coins).
      • October 26 — October 30: Ghoulish Garden Spitfire (700 Coins), Shadow Web P2020 (700 Coins), Ghouls and Ghosts Peacekeeper (700 Coins).
      • October 27 — November 3: Wicked Wraith Bundle (6,000 Coins), Resurrected Bundle (4,000 Coins), Dame of Death Bundle (2,000 Coins), Winged Beauty Bundle (1,500 Coins).
      • October 30 — November 3: Moonlight Bash Eva-8 (700 Coins), Nesper Charm (500 Coins), Jack-O-Lantern Charm (500 Coins).
  • Challenge Prize Track
    • Play Shadow Royale mode to complete the challenges. 4,000 XP is required to complete the prize track. Prizes include charms, trackers, and skins.

Well, that’s all there is to know about the 2023 Fight or Fright Halloween event in Apex Legends. Check out our Apex Legends guides hub here to stay up to date with all things coming to the arena.

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