Learn how to use all of Lifeline's abilities in the best way possible with the help of this character guide for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Lifeline Tips and Tricks Guide

Learn how to use all of Lifeline's abilities in the best way possible with the help of this character guide for Apex Legends.
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Lifeline is definitely the most divisive character in Apex Legends right now. Since she is the only proper medic on the entire roster of characters, many players consider her to be an essential part of any team in this battle royale game.

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However, others feel that Apex Legends is a different kind of animal and doesn’t need to rely on medics as much as, for example, Overwatch. But this speculation will never end, and it mainly depends on each individual player’s preferences.

In any case, whether you are a Lifeline player or not and you want to learn how to use her abilities in the most effective way, follow our guide below for all the essential tips and tricks.

Lifeline Abilities Tips and Tricks

Passive: Combat Medic

Lifeline’s passive ability is her most useful one, as it heals/revives downed teammates, including herself, 25% faster than others. At the same time she is protected by an energy shield while in the process of revival.

Note: The shield covers only the front area of Lifeline, so be sure to have at least some kind of cover behind her back. Otherwise, it will be too easy for enemy players to disrupt the process.

Also, the shield protects only from bullets and missiles, but it cannot prevent players from passing through it. Keep that aspect in mind.

Overall, different healing items will have faster healing times when used by Lifeline:

  • Syringes: 3.75s
  • Medkits: 5.25s
  • Shield Cells: 2.25s
  • Shield Batteries: 3.75s
  • Phoenix Kits: 7.5s
Tactical: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Lifeline can deploy a healing drone that will automatically heal all damaged teammates that are in close range to it. You can do this by pressing a Q key on PC or LB on a gamepad.

Note: The drone can be easily destroyed by one precise sniper shot. Place a drone behind allies who have already positioned themselves for cover and healing purposes.

The best timing for dropping the D.O.C. Heal Drone includes:

  • Before or during replenishing shields
  • Right after the shootout
  • During looting
Ultimate: Care Package

The ultimate ability is a special one, as it allows Lifeline to trigger an airdrop that contains high tier armor or even a legendary weapon. This ability is essential for the survival of the team, so don’t waste your time and trigger the care package as soon as possible (360s charge time).

Note: In order to activate the care package, you must provide plenty of free space for it. Make sure you have enough when you activate the ultimate by pressing Z on PC or LB+RB on gamepad.

Here is the complete list of possible loot available in the care package:

  • Level 2/3 Body Shield, Helmet, Knockdown Shield
  • Shield Cells, Batteries, Syringes, Medkits, Phoenix Kit
  • Level 2/3 Weapon Attachments

How to Play as Lifeline

Lifeline is not a fighter, she cannot compete with Bloodhound or Mirage in combat power, so you shouldn’t attack opponents first. It is best to position yourself behind your teammates, but not too far, and look out for sniper and assault rifles.

Never forget to scout around and mark interesting places. But always carefully…

  • … choose the right moments to revive downed allies
  • … find a protected position for the drone
  • … put your protective shield up

Lifeline is a character with a lot of opportunities, so here are a few more tips and tricks to help you navigate her properly.

Work For Your Team

During the drop phase and later try to be as close to your squad as possible. You may not be able to get the best loot right after landing, since your teammates will need it more than you.

Keep in mind that you work for your team, including times when you have to leave the best loot behind in favor of an ally.

Protect Yourself

Remember that Lifeline is a very valuable character in any squad composition, because without a medic the chances of survival are greatly reduced.

Take care of yourself and don’t risk your life for some shotgun you wouldn’t need anyway. If your team loses you, then it’s almost a sure loss for the whole team.

If you still have to shoot enemies, you should do it from a safe position and without telegraphing in order to cause significant damage without being damaged yourself.

As soon as enemies figure out your position – immediately disengage and run for your life.

Have a Reviving Plan

When one of your teammates gets downed, first assess the situation. Your ally can be surrounded by enemies and there is nothing that you can do about it. Many players expect a medic to arrive, so they’ll be waiting for you.

This means that you should revive squadmates only in cases when the opponents are scattered or something distracts them, for example, another squadmate.

Before you press the revival button, make sure that your back is covered either by an obstacle or by another teammate.

Use Your Drone Effectively

Lifeline’s healing drone can save your team a lot of time, because now they don’t need to collect syringes and medkits anymore. But this drone shouldn’t be deployed anywhere or anytime. Look for places where it will be more or less protected from the enemy assault.

The D.O.C. drone can also be used for Lifeline herself in cases when you will be forced into a shootout. With the help of the drone you will stay alive a lot longer and may even kill a few enemies in the process.

Also, remember that Caustic’s gas suppresses drone, so wait before his gas dissipates completely before dropping it down.

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