ArcehAge Profession Guide – Metalwork

A brief guide on Metalwork, covering up to the level 34 armor set crafting.
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Metalwork gets its primary materials from Mining. To use Metalwork you’ll need to find a Smelter, an Anvil, or a Plate Armor Form. The workbench you need is dependant on the item you’re crafting. Metal refinement, basically turning ore into ingots, uses the Smelter. The Anvil allows you to make fishing pole frames, and the Plate Armor Form is wear you make your plate armor.

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Whether you want to do Weaponcraft or Metalcraft, you’ll still need Metalcraft for the ingots. Ingots are the primary ingredient of all metal based crafting, and don’t require many Labor Points to make. This makes it more efficient to farm your own materials, as the Flux needed to craft armor and weapons can be quite costly.


This is the current level of your craft or gathering skill. As far as I’ve seen, the general rule of thumb is: you gain Proficiency equal to the amount of Labor Points used. To check your skill’s Proficiency, push K to open your skills menu and click the Proficiency tab. Some crafts require a certain level of Proficiency to craft the item, so be mindful of your current Proficiency.

Common Materials Used In Metalwork:

Here I’ll list the common materials used in Metalwork in up to the level 34 armor sets, and how you get them.

  • Ore: Ore is obtained through mining, and turned into ingots for use in other crafts. This includes Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, and so forth.
  • Archeum: Archeum is used in crafting gear, for Metalcraft specifically, you’ll want Moonlight Archeum. Archeum is obtained two ways that I know of, killing enemies and breaking down Grand quality gear or better. Killing enemies only gives a chance at Acheum, breaking down gear is guaranteed to give you at least Archeum Motes. To get the specific quality of Archeum you need you’ll have to utilize Alchemy.
  • Opaque Polish: This material is crafted from Alchemy. The level 30 and 34 armor sets, as well as the fishing pole frame use Opaque Polish.
  • Diluted Metal Flux: This item is purchased from the local Crafting Merchant for 6 Silver each. If you’re crafting a full armor set, you need 35 of these. This means you need 2 Gold and 10 Silver total, to craft one armor set.

Over all this profession is more time-consuming than it is a money sink. The competition in mining areas is pretty heavy. If you find an empty mining area, take advantage of it and stock up on your materials. For more content, check out my ArcheAge guide directory.

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