ArcheAge Early-Level Mining Area – Lilyut Hills

A brief guide to prime early level Mining spots in ArcheAge for the Elves and Nuian.

A brief guide to prime early level Mining spots in ArcheAge for the Elves and Nuian.
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Both Elves and Nuian have access to Lilyut Hills without crossing the ocean. This area actually falls in the Elves natural story line progression, so it’s a bit more challenging to get to as a Nuian.

Mining supplies base materials for Metalwork and Masonry. I’ve noticed while exploring the world, that there is a lack of nodes for mining out in the open. There are sporadic nodes but nowhere near enough to level mining. Leveling my Elf through questing brought me to two mining power-leveling areas in Lilyut Hills. Refer to the map below for the locations.

At both red circles, are Mines that are involved in the Elf story line. If you have time to spare, I recomend farming Ore  and Stone at these locations. The Mine on the right has more overall nodes, but also more enemies. The Mine on the left has higher level enemies. Please refer to the maps below for specific node locations.

Western Ronbann Mine:

This map is for the Mine on the left in the first map. I spent over an hour in this area just to make sure I got all the locations, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more. The traffic in these areas are high due to being involved in main story quests.

Eastern Ronbann Mine:

As you can see this one has a considerably higher amount of nodes. I spent more time in this Mine since this is where I did most of my early Ore farming. At times when there is no competition, one full rotation is long enough for your first node to respawn.

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