How to upgrade your Scarecrow Garden into an Improved Scarecrow Farm.

ArcheAge guide – How to get your first 16×16 farm (Improved Scarecrow Farm)

How to upgrade your Scarecrow Garden into an Improved Scarecrow Farm.

ArcheAge is complicated, let’s just get that out of the way right now. New players have no idea what they’re doing for at least a couple months, and even then there’s still a lot to know and remember. But even a new player knows a 16×16 farm plot is useful.

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Eventually you’re going to get a trade pack request that tells you to deliver the pack at a port on the opposite continent to get a 16×16 plot, but it’s possible to get a 16×16 farm before that point. The only downside is you’ll have to give up your 8×8 Scarecrow Garden. But that’s a fair tradeoff.

Essentially what you need to do is upgrade your Scarecrow Garden into an Improved Scarecrow Farm, which is not only larger but also functions as a Farmer’s Workstation. You can craft an Improved Scarecrow Farm as soon as you get your Scarecrow Garden Design, should you so choose.

How to build an Improved Scarecrow Farm

Just like with half the other stuff you’re going to poke around with in ArcheAge, crafting this seems really intimidating but is ultimately simple. You can craft your Improved Scarecrow Farm at a Carpentry Workbench, under Farms/Farmer’s Workstation.

How to craft an Improved Scarecrow Farm.

The very first component is your Scarecrow Garden Design, which you get back if you demolish your 8×8 Scarecrow Garden. Do not demolish it until you have the other components for the recipe.

Along with the Scarecrow Garden Design, you need four other primary components, and you need two of two of them. Each of these need to be made separately and require some pretty basic (albeit expensive) parts. The four finalized components are:

  • Wooden Beam Bundle x2
  • Construction Tool Bundle x2
  • Finishing Touches Bundle
  • Construction Brick Bundle

The word “bundle” is not to be ignored, because these are essentially bundles of common materials you probably buy, sell, or craft everyday.

The Wooden Beam Bundle requires 50 Lumber, and you need two of them for a total of 100 Lumber.

The Construction Tool Bundle requires 50 Iron Ingots, and you need two of them for a total of 100 Iron Ingots.

The Finishing Touches Bundle requires 25 Fabric and 25 Leather.

The Construction Brick Bundle requires 50 Stone Bricks.

All of these can be constructed at a Carpentry Workbench under “Construction Materials”.

Construction materials in the Carpentry Workbench.

The labor cost breakdown

Let’s break down the cost in basic materials and labor in total so you know what you’re getting into.

The cost of harvesting, mining, and chopping down trees is not included as you may end up turning to your guild mates or the Auction House to get them all.

Primary Component Needed to Make To Process Raw Mats
Wooden Beam Bundle
25 Labor (x2=50)
50 Lumber (x2=100)
50 Lumber needs:
150 Log (x2=300)
250 Labor (x2=500)
Construction Tool Bundle
25 Labor (x2=50)
50 Iron Ingot (x2=100)
50 Iron Ingots need:
150 Iron Ore (x2=300)
250 Labor (x2=500)
Finishing Touches Bundle 25 Labor
25 Fabric
25 Leather
25 Fabric & 25 Leather
250 Cotton (125 Labor)
75 Pelt (125 Labor)
Construction Brick Bundle 25 Labor
50 Stone Brick
50 Stone Bricks need:
150 Raw Stone
250 Labor
Total Labor Costs: 150 Labor 1500 Labor


And to top all of the above off, the Improved Scarecrow Farm itself requires 100 Labor to craft. If you craft everything yourself, you’re looking at a total of 1700 Labor to get everything done.

The hard work is worth it in the end. Once done, you’ve essentially upgraded your 8×8 Scarecrow Garden to a far more efficient 16×16 farm.

If you’re worried about someone nabbing up where your Scarecrow Garden is before demolishing it, make sure you get all the other components done before you demolish it. After pulling it up, either have a friend or a guildmate stand where it was or put some plants so no one takes the spot.

Getting everything together takes time, but this is ArcheAge. Everything takes time, just the amount varies based on how much money or effort you’re willing to put in. Good luck, and enjoy your Improved Scarecrow Farm.

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