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ArcheAge Profession Guide – Alchemy

Everything you need to know to get started in Alchemy.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Alchemy in ArcheAge makes about what you’d expect an alchemist to make, but the Alchemist works slightly different from other crafting classes. In this guide I’ll cover the ins and outs of this profession.

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What Does Alchemy Entail?

Alchemy covers all your potions and gear-augmenting Lunadrops and Lunastones. You also get dyes and crafting materials for other crafts as part of the Alchemy crafting. However, Alchemy also entails the breaking down of gear. 

Breaking Down Gear Lunastones and Lunadrops:

Breaking down gear is simple, but you need to purchase Evenstones from Blacksmith merchants. To breakdown a piece of gear right-click the Evenstone in your inventory, then left-click the piece of gear. It’s important to remember that only gear of green quality or better can be broken down. Breaking down the gear gives varying degrees of Archeum of the gear type that you broke down. Archeum is used in other crafts to make gear.

Lunastones and Lunadrops work in the same manner as gear, except the quality requirement is no longer applied. Also, instead of getting Archeum, these items produce Lunarite. Breaking down gear, Lunastones, and Lunadrops give a miniscule amount of Alchemy proficiency and class experience.

Archeum Management:

Archeum as I said before, is one of the chief ingredients in gear crafting. There are three types of Archeum: Moonlight, Starlight, and Sunlight. Each of these types crafts a different type of equipment. Sunlight Archeum makes weapons, Moonlight Archeum makes armor, and Starlight Archeum makes jewelry.

Archeum comes in varying degrees. Motes are the lowest tier of Archeum, but the most common from 1-30 is Dust. Archeum can either be broken down into lower tiers, or combined into higher tiers. To combine Archeum just right-click the item in your inventory. To breakdown Archeum you need an Archeum Processing Workbench.

Whether you out-level your craft, or your craft out-levels you, there’s always a way to keep your Archeum where you need it. Archeum processing also offers only a minimal amount of proficiency and experience.

The Bulk of Alchemy:

The primary focus on Alchemy is on potions, dyes, polishes, oils, Lunastones, and Lunadrops. This is also the fastest way to level your Alchemy. Potions, Dyes, Polishes, and Oils require Gathering and using your Garden. Lunastones and Lunadrops require Mining.


These are exactly what you expect them to be. Potions are created through Catalysts, Flasks, and plants. For the details on purchaseable seeds and Saplings take a look at my Seed Merchant and Sapling Merchant guides. The tier one Alchemy potions are listed below with the plants needed to make them.

  • Healing Potion Love Potion #9: Mushroom, Clover
  • Healing Potion Gentle Vigor: Mushroom, Rose, Red Coral
  • Regen Potion Hushed Voice of Stars: Thistle, Azalea
  • Regen Potion Afternoon Sunshine: Thistle, Narcissus, Green Coral
  • Mana Potion Midsummer’s Breeze: Bay Leaf, Lavender
  • Mana Potion Unbridled Time: Bay Leaf, Mint, Blue Coral
  • Defense Potion Honor of Royal Guard: Cultivated Ginseng, Thick Mint Leaf
  • Magic Defense Potion Rainbow in Reach: Aloe, Scarlet Rose Petal

Dyes, Oils and Polishes are used other crafts, primarily for armor. The exception in tier one Alchemy is Congealed Oil, which is used in making Lanterns and other such lighting items. Dyes are used in making cloth armor, oils other than Congealed Oil are used for leather armor, and polishes are used in plate armor.  These items are also primarily made with materials obtained through Gathering.


Lunadrops and Lunastones allow you to augment your equipment with additional stats. I wouldn’t consider using these on gear until the upper levels, but since they are able to be broken down, you can salvage some of the Lunarite used to create them. Lunadrops can’t be crafted until you reach 4000 proficiency in Alchemy though, so stick with Lunastones.

For Miners Lunastones are the most efficient way of leveling Alchemy once you get some Lunarite. Basic Lunarite grants 10 Proficiency per craft, and another 3 per breakdown. Once you’ve collected a few Lunastones from killing mobs and have broken them down you’re ready to start leveling up your Alchemy.

Lunarite processing works the same way as Archeum processing except that it uses the Alchemy table instead of the Archeum Processing Workbench. The options for this are under the Alchemy tab on the Alchemy Table.


Talismans aren’t something you would really focus on during the leveling stage of Alchemy. These are used with your vehicles to either perform special skills or maintain the vehicles. The List below specifies what the Talismans do.

  • Morning Star Trail: Consumed to use vehicle special skills.
  • Meteor Shower: Upgraded version of Morning Star Trail. consumed to use vehicle special skills.
  • Frostbreath Coolant: Cools the engines of overheated vehicles.
  • Shatigon’s Sandglass Pinch: Reconstructs damaged vehicles.

That about wraps up what to expect from Alchemy, I hope this guide gives a better understanding of how to work Alchemy into your crafting. For more please refer to my ArcheAge guide directory.

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