ArcheAge Profession Guide – Logging

A brief guide to the Logging profession in ArcheAge.

A brief guide to the Logging profession in ArcheAge.
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Logging supplies your chief resource for Carpentry. Turning logs into planks opens up a lot of crafting options. Many Scarecrow Gardens are full of trees to alleviate the demand of logs. This guide will briefly cover the Logging profession.

For Logging out in the wild,  you are more focused on collecting saplings to plant in your garden. Trying to accurately time wild trees is very difficult considering there is always a chance for someone else to just uproot it. When you uproot a growing tree there is a chance that it will leave behind a sapling for you to collect. I recommend uprooting trees that have more than an hour left for that chance at a Sapling.

Here’s a Sequoia Tree I happened across while getting images together for this guide.

It’s possible to come across fully grown trees, but rare. If you chance across a full-grown tree, it costs 25 Labor Points to chop it down for a varying amount of logs depending on the tree. The most I’ve received so far is 16 from a Sequoia tree. Sequoia trees have between a 4-day growth timer and are too large to plant in a small Scarecrow Garden. If you’re lucky enough to come across one chop it down, it’s definitely worth a detour.

Scarecrow Garden Utilization:

In your Scarecrow Garden, you can plant trees to chop down. These trees are protected so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing them. To get the most out of a small garden, I recommend going for Aspen trees. They have about a 14 hour growth time and you can fit four trees in the area.

Some Aspen Saplings I planted, just after placing them.

I generally get eight or so logs from Aspen trees; 32 logs and 40 proficiency every 14 hours is a pretty sweet deal. The trick to the garden is consistency. You need to remember to return to your garden when it’s time to chop down your trees. If you let them sit there, then your garden isn’t being productive, this of course excludes fruit-bearing trees.

Additional Notes:
  • Wild tree nodes in open areas stand out, but they blend in when in large forests. The trick to finding tree nodes in forests is the node always has the same appearance, while the other trees look more natural.
  • Trees generally respawn over time. If you find areas with tree nodes make sure you keep a record so you can return to the location later to check for new trees.
  • You can’t water your trees to shorten the growth time in your garden. This means you can’t get farming proficiency for growing the tree. You can start growing fruit on specific trees to gather before you chop them down though.
  • Trees have a considerably long growth time. The growth times range from 4 hours to 4 days. The Sequoia Tree having a four day growth time makes it unsuitable for growing until you get a second garden, unless you specifically need a Sequoia tree for something.
  • A lot of the trees take up considerable space. Aspen and Ash seem to be the best trees for space and time efficiency.
  • Chopping down trees in your garden gives less proficiency than trees in the wild.

This wraps up my Logging guide. For more professions and tips, check out my ArcheAge guide directory.

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