ArcheAge Profession Guide – Weaponry Part 1

This guide covers everything you need to know to get started with basic Weaponry crafting.

In today’s guide, I’ll cover Weaponry. Weaponry includes all metal weapons available . I’ve only dabbled a little in Weaponry so far, as the Arcane Nodachi I got with the level 20 progression reward is better than both the crafted level 20 and 26 versions. Generally speaking though, crafted gear is better than what you get from drops. Weaponry crafting is done at an Anvil.

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Due to the amount of weapons, I’ve decided to split the Honor: Metal Weapons details into its own guide. In part one, I’ll cover the basic weapons and the stats that their crafted versions get. In part two I’ll cover the specific Honor Weapon details.

Materials and Supporting Craft

Weaponry is one of the crafting professions that doesn’t deal with raw materials such as ores. Instead, you need the ingots crafted through Metalwork before yo can even begin Weaponry. Make sure you mine a hefty supply of ores to convert into ingots before you get started.

Attributes and their bonuses


First I want to start with the different stat attributes and wat they give your character. There are five different stats: Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Spirit, and Stamina. Each of these stats give different bonuses to your character.

  • Strength: Increases Melee Attack by 0.1 per point. Increases Parry Rate. Increases Melee accuracy and Melee/Ranged Block.
  • Intelligence: Increases Magic Attack by 0.1 per point. Increases max mana. Increases Magic Accuracy, Melee/Ranged Evasion, and Magic/Ranged Critical Rates.
  • Agility: Increases Ranged Attack by 0.1 per point. Increases Ranged Accuracy, Melee/Ranged Evasion, and Melee/Ranged Critical Rates.
  • Spirit: Increases Magic Defense by 4 per point. Increases health/mana regen speed. Increases all Accuracy.
  • Stamina: Increases max health by 8 per point. Increases Parry.


Here I’ll cover what each basic crafted weapon type has to offer. There are 12 weapon types total. Keep in mind that the stats on weapons found in the world and on Honor weapons aren’t always the same stats the crafted versions give. Also remember that the level 46 versions of the crafted weapons are RNG based, and can differ from what the lower level weapons give.

One-Handed Weapons:

These weapons are generally paired up with other weapons that benefit your current build. Due to the ability to dual-wield, the stats on one-handed weapons are considerably lower.


Daggers are one of the weapon types best suited for dual welding. Given the primary stats on the crafted daggers, they are well suited for any class build that focuses heavily on Ranged Attack. Daggers give Agility, Stamina, and Spirit as their main stats


Swords are a good multi-purpose weapon type. They can be utilized in various combinations with other equipment to optimize a build. The two most common combinations you’ll see are dual swords or sword and shield. Swords offer a nice balance of offense and defense with their stats of Strength, Stamina, and Spirit.


Another weapon type that is designed for dual welding as a pair. Unlike daggers, katanas offer more for melee users, while still boosting ranged skills. Katanas work great with your classic melee rogue type builds. Katanas offer Strength, Agility, and Spirit.


Clubs are one-handed weapons designed for hybrid melee-magic users. These weapons work especially well for self-healing tank specs like the Paladin class. You can dual-wield clubs or combine your club with another weapon to suit your needs. Clubs offer Strength, Intelligence, and Spirit.


One of the unique one-handed weapons. The shortspear is limited to the right-hand slot only, and can only pair with weapons of another type. The shortspear’s stat set is unique, offering Agility, Stamina, and Intelligence. This weapon would work best in hybrid ranged physical/magic builds that focus more on bow skills than melee skills.


Used primarily in tank or healer builds, shields can only be equipped in the left-hand slot. There aren’t really any offensive builds that benefit from taking a shield over another weapon unfortunately. Crafted shields give Strength, Stamina, and Intelligence.


Axes are one-handed weapons built for pure melee offense. These weapons work best for any build that wants to be in the thick of the fighting. You get Strength, agility, and Stamina on axes.

Two-Handed Weapons

Here are I’ve listed the stronger two-handed weapons. Due to the fact that you can’t equip an off-hand item, two-handed weapons have higher stats.


Offering Strength and Stamina, the greatsword makes a useful weapon for the high melee damage builds. The builds that use greatsword will generally attack slower, but produce high damage per hit.



The nodachi weapon type is crafted for more agile attacks. With a faster attack speed they put out more hits than the other two-handed weapons. Nodachis offer Strength and Agility for high burst potential from melee attacks. You would generally want this in your assassin type builds.


Greataxes like the greatswords, offer Strength and Stamina. The only difference between the two is the greataxe has a slightly slower attack speed. Other than that the greataxe does all the things the greatsword does.


Crafted greatclubs are designed for melee attackers that use alot of mana. These weapons offer Strength and Intelligence.


Longspears are most beneficial to ranged physical attackers. Offering Agility and Stamina with the slowest attack speed of the two-handed weapons. The longspear really only offers critical rate for melee. I recommend this weapon for archer focused builds.

That wraps up the basic weapons from the Weaponry craft. Remember, I’ll release a completely separate guide covering the crafted level 50 Honor Weapons in the very near future.

I hope this guide provided useful information, be sure to check my others in my ArcheAge guide directory.

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