The best weapon in Archero is technically the Scythe, but there's more to the story than just that.

Archero Guide to the Game’s Best Weapons

The best weapon in Archero is technically the Scythe, but there's more to the story than just that.

Whether you put money into the game or not, Archero is all about grinding, dying, and repeating the process.

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It’s fun, but you’re wasting time if you’re not making the best choices to shorten the grind. This guide will help you pick the best weapon with which to clear the next chapter.

What is the Best Weapon? Ranking Best to Worst


The best weapon in Archero, taking everything into consideration, is likely the Scythe. It is the slowest weapon, but it has the highest damage output after you level it up.

It has the Headshot passive skill built into it that leads to occasional instant kills. It also has incredible knockback that will keep you safer from melee enemies while you’re making your way through a chapter.


If it’s not the Scythe, then it’s the Tornado with its own built-in skills. Your weapon will pierce targets and then do damage on its return to your character. If you can practice your positioning abilities to perfect that return damage, you will be unstoppable.


The third best bet would likely be the Blade. It has the weakest hit out of any of the weapons in the game, but it has the fastest attack speed. After getting the Multi-Shot skill upgrade, it can compete with the Bow and the Scythe for knockback ability.


The fourth best and, therefore, worst choice is the Bow. Despite the game being named after someone who uses a bow, the Bow will fall a little behind the other weapons in the game unless you wear the right equipment or get the perfect skill

A fully leveled Legendary Scythe is going to be your best bet for progressing through Archero’s chapters.

If you don’t have a fully leveled Legendary Scythe, then a fully leveled Legendary weapon of any other type will do just fine. Unless you’re lucky and/or putting in a ton of money into the game, chances are you don’t have any fully leveled Legendary weapons yet.

Waiting for a Legendary

Until you have a Legendary weapon, you’re going to have to make do with what the game has decided to give you. Paying to unlock chests and chapter bonuses will make the grind for a better weapon much shorter, but don’t feel pressured to pay into the game unless you absolutely want to. You can still pick up a Legendary without spending thousands of dollars on gems if you’re patient.

The game has six quality levels for weapons:

  • Common
  • Great
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Perfect Epic
  • Legendary

Common is the most common and least powerful of the quality levels; Legendary is the rarest and strongest.

While you’re waiting for the best, utilize whatever the best weapon you currently have is. If you have a Common Scythe, but a Perfect Epic Bow, use the bow! Eventually, you will get the Legendary weapon that you want.

Utilize the Stutter-Step Mechanic

According to players on Reddit, stutter-stepping will help out the Bow, Scythe, and Tornado. It’s where you tap the joystick/move your character to cancel an attack animation. Stutter-stepping is a way to make your character attack faster, and it’s very effective, especially with the Scythe!

Play What Makes You Happy

Ultimately, the different weapons have different designs and playstyles behind them.

If you are someone who likes big, slow weapons, then you’re going to want to play the Scythe.

If you are someone who likes quick, small projectiles, then the Blade is likely your choice. To get the most out of your weapon, you have to perfect its playstyle and you won’t do that effectively with a weapon you don’t like.

Something else important to consider when thinking about your weapon is whether or not you have the best skills picked out. If you’re looking to find the best skill build for your next run, check out our best skills guide. Stay tuned over the next few days for more Archero guides.

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