All you need to know about the best armor and other equipment to improve your performance in Archero.

Archero Guide: What is the Best Armor For Your Archer?

All you need to know about the best armor and other equipment to improve your performance in Archero.

In a game as unforgiving as Archero, it’s important to squeeze from the game every tiny bit of advantage you can to ensure the best runs possible. One of the ways you can do that is by making sure you’re using the best armor for your archer.

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In Archero, armor can give you health bonuses, reduce damage taken, increase your dodge, and even give you some damage-dealing effects. Each armor has its own inherent bonus.

Just like weapons, armor can come in six different qualities: Common (weakest), Great, Rare, Epic, Perfect Epic, and Legendary (strongest). Armor that is of at least Epic quality is going to have an elemental damage bonus.

Best Armor Pieces in Archero

There are four pieces of armor in the game, one of which is called the Vest of Dexterity. It gives a percentage effect to dodge, and its Epic form will hit nearby enemies with lightning damage.

Next is the Phantom Cloak, which reduces projectile damage and, in its Epic form, does ice damage. It can also freeze some of your enemies.

The Golden Chestplate will reduce all damage taken in general, and its Epic form has a fire damage effect.

Lastly, the Void Robe reduces collision damage and its Epic form features poison damage.

The best kind of armor is definitely going to be any that is Legendary, but the best of the four types of armor will depend on your playstyle. Many advanced players like to use the Vest of Dexterity for its dodge percentage, which they strengthen by using Serpent Rings, another piece of equipment that provides a dodge percentage.

You unlock Serpent Rings like other rings and pieces of equipment: by opening chests and picking up loot drops while playing the game.

However, if you struggle less with dodging melee and more with dodging projectiles, maybe you should go with the Phantom Cloak.

Your choice in armor will likely just boil down to which armor you have the highest quality of. There are no armor bonuses so inherently strong that they become worth taking over even higher quality armor.

Just use what seems best and pick your preference if you have two pieces of armor of the same quality.

That concludes this guide on the best armor in Archero. If you still want more tips for playing the game, check out our guides on the best weapon and the best skills in the game.

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