Snipe more than a few bullseyes with these tips for Archery King.

Archery King: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Snipe more than a few bullseyes with these tips for Archery King.
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If you want to beat out the competition in Archery King, it’s best to start with the basics. Follow this mini guide to get a grip on some critical tips that’ll have you hitting the center mark in no time.

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1. Move Your Sausage Fingers

When beginning your Archery King career, you may think the best way to maneuver the bow is to center your finger over the crosshairs to line them up with the target.

You’ll soon find that the most obvious placement of your thumb isn’t necessarily the best placement: your finger will block your entire view of the target. Though it may seem unintuitive, place your thumb just below the bow and control it from there.

By doing so, you can correct your movements as you peer through the sights on the bow. And by having your fat thumb below the arrow, you’ll have full range of control, meaning that you can drag your finger in any direction without accidentally obstructing your view of the target.

2. Replan Your Date

Never fear the cancel button. If it means you’ll get a better shot, don’t ever release the arrow in favor of saving time.

The cancel button on the left-hand side of the screen is especially useful for times when your finger slips along the screen or you just can’t seem to line up your shot in the way you expected to.

Although you can use the cancel button as many times as you’d like, try not to use it too much. The countdown timer progresses when you cancel a shot, so be sure to watch your time as you prepare the best possible shot.

3. Let It Go

While it’s true that you should be particular about your shots — this is a precision sport, after all — don’t be overly particular.

When you have a decent shot lined up, you should take it. As mentioned above, pressing the cancel button too much will have you running out of time. Also, by trying to line up the most perfect shot, you risk swaying the bow in frustration or swiping your finger at the last second, causing the arrow to shoot astray.

Sometimes you’ll be faced with moving targets and be required to match the movement speed of the target to land a shot. It’s during these rounds that you really need to have the confidence to just let the arrow go. 

4. Worry About the Wind

Wind has a great effect on something as small as an arrow zipping through the air. Compensating your aim when there is wind can mean the difference between getting a 7 and hitting a 9.

As a rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t worry about any wind under 1. Anything over 1 will require you to compensate just a smidge.

Of course, don’t overcompensate your shot as if there were a tornado traveling through the field. Use your better judgment, and over time you’ll figure out the right amount of sway to give your bow for the windy occasions.

5. Faster than Light

This is a small tip…a micro-tip if you will. Time doesn’t seem to progress when you let go of the arrow. That means that when you release the arrow towards a moving target, the target doesn’t continue moving as the arrow makes its plunge to poke its lover.

Once you’ve matched the speed of the moving target with your finger, release the bow and the arrow should hit the spot you want.

6. The Magic Touch

While you may want to swipe your thumb up and down to get the unruly crosshairs to line up the way you want them to, don’t overdo it. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and use gentle movements.

Never swing your fingers around. Instead, press firmly against your mobile device and slowly rub your finger along the screen to move the bow incrementally.

Also, don’t pay too much attention to your finger movements, as they may not directly affect the direction of the bow as you expect them to. Watch how the bow moves as you drag your thumb, and correct your movements accordingly.

Try out these tips in Archery King, and let us know if your skills have improved! 

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