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Are There Wuthering Waves Mods Yet?

Are Wuthering Waves mods out yet?

Wuthering Waves is ramping up in popularity, and players are already forming modding communities. All gacha-style games enjoy character model reskins and performance tweaks, but are there Wuthering Waves mods yet?

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Wuthering Waves Mods Are Already Out

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Yes, there are already a few Wuthering Waves mods out and about created by the small yet growing WuWa modding community. They’re mostly located on GameBanana for now, but the speed at which these mods were released is promising. I’m excited to see what comes next via websites like NexusMods. 

For now, we have a few character recolor mods, user interface adjustments, and some quality-of-life performance tweaks. There are even easily accessible modding-based tweaks for performance discovered by the Wuthering Waves Reddit community. That said, the character recolors are interesting because this will encourage the community to tinker with the 3D models.

This, in turn, means that we’ll soon have different skins for our favorite Resonators. Imagine Calcharo in a casual beach outfit relaxing or Chixia in some war-forged mecha armor. If Genshin and Honkai are any terms of comparison, character modeling isn’t outside the realm of possibilities soon. Since I gave GameBanana as the main example hub, you can even go there and pitch a mod request that you would like for Wuthering Waves, and some modder may pick it up and develop it if it gets enough traction.

While most Wuthering Waves mods are currently located on the GameBanana platform, be on the lookout for others. Popular modding communities to keep on the lookout include NexusMods and the WuWa Reddit. Now that the game is in its full-release version, the sky is the limit for the Wuthering Waves Mods community.

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